Sunday, May 20, 2007

Volume 3: The Beginning

Well, I've finally caved and created a site where you can come at the more boring part of your work week and read my nonsense ramblings! I apologize because I know you've waited forever for this moment!

When I was 8 I had a pink Lisa Frank diary I wrote in forever! Then when I was a teenager, I had another journal where I jotted down various teenage difficulties. This blog will now be my third full journal! Volume 3. Writing things down always makes me feel like I've gotten something off my chest and organized my feelings! Of course you won't get all the detailed emotional tellings of my life, but maybe it will be enough to hold your interest and keep you informed with what's going on in our not-so-busy life.

Things Happening In Our World:

-Andrew just celebrated his 26th birthday last week! He's getting so old! Today is his birthday party with the family. I'll have to make sure and take plenty of pictures to share. I can't believe I was with him when he was just 20. That's so crazy to think we've been together that long. It's flown by, and I've loved every single minute.

-Monday is my first day as an R.N. (real nurse) out of orientation. My preceptor told me to wear my big girl panties that day. I told her I'll be wearing my diaper.

-We're going to St. Louis on vacation in July with our favorite married couple, Justin and Hilary!! We could not be more excited! We're going to a Cardinals game, Six Flags, the arch, and all around town. We miss them so much and it'll be awesome to stay up late playing cards and laughing all night! Good times, good times. Speaking of that, I need to lose 5 lbs and get a tan so I can wear my summer clothes on the trip!

-Kacie and Judd are still in the process of planning the wedding. I'm getting excited b/c the showers and parties are nearing! And you know what that means--new clothes to buy for the events! Yay!

-Want to know what's really been on my mind lately? Don't freak out. Kids! No, I don't want any now. But it's just crazy to think we're getting to that point in our lives soon where we'll be thinking about having children. We're looking into buying Andrew a new truck this summer, and he plans on keeping it for a while. That means it has to be super safe and be able to hold the carseats in the back. Such a reality check. I mean it's just logical: college (check) gets jobs (check), get the house (check). What's next? Travel? There aren't many places we're dying to go. So...we'll see. I've never been a "career should be your priority for a while" kind of girl. No way! We want to enjoy our time as a couple for a while longer...but it's just cool to think about in a couple years we'll have a nursery and baby stuff all over the house, we'll be sleep deprived, and I'll be fatter, smell like spoiled milk, and talk about my children constantly. That's the life!

Enough for one journal entry! I have to get a shower, do some shopping, head to church, the birthday party, and back home to sleep before Kacie and Anna get here for a night full of laughter!

All our love,

Andrew & Audra

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