Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Birthday, Kacie!

Hope your day is a great one! You're an awesome sister! Continue dedicating your life to God, and you will not go wrong. :)

Y'all...I have the best husband ever. Seriously. He treats me like royalty! I have no idea why, but I can only wish that every woman could experience the love and devotion that I feel every day with Andrew. We were talking tonight about how much we both miss the other when we're at work. I said, "I hope we always feel that way." I know life can get challenging with growing families, careers, and extracirricular activities, but I hope we always remember to appreciate and love one another. I love you, Andrew. SO much.

Do you ever get weird urges to do something? I love going to places with Andrew, but I'm definitely not a travel freak. However, in the last week or so I've had the strongest desire to get away to the beach or somewhere new for 5 or 6 days. I think it's because we're in such a rut routine of work-->eat-->sleep-->live for weekend (repeat). Anyone have a beach house you want to loan us? ;)

Well, I've started making out my Christmas list for what to buy everyone this year. I've even gotted started making purchases! I looove Christmas and all its religious meaning, traditions, food, and music so around the fall every year I get super excited to start planning for the big season. Big problem though--in this new house with its oddly sized living room, there is nowhere for a Christmas tree. I've pretty much decided the loveseat might have to move to another room for a month because Audra will be the LAST person without a Christmas tree up! It might be smack in front of the front door, but we'll have one. :) Another change this year is everyone's schedules. Kacie and Judd will be married and merging their family get togethers and I'll have to work either Christmas Eve or Christmas night. How horribly does that stink? Working on Christmas is about as crummy as it can get. Oh well! It just means we'll have to change around a few traditions and start new ones. I'm just glad our family is flexible in making the changes.

The Lion King is just 3 1/2 days away! Yay! I'm so excited. We'll make sure to take lots of pictures that night so I can share them!

It's getting "early" so I better start heading towards bed. Hope you all have a blessed day!

Audra (and Andrew in thought)

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