Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Rest of the Weekend...

Although The Lion King (see post below this one) was the main highlight of the weekend, a few other exciting things happened! Kacie and Judd were in town and Judd had the marvelous idea that they should stay with me and Andrew. It was a blast! We ate out too much, talked til 3 am (at least the girls did!), and shopped--always a good time. :) I always enjoy spending the weekend with Kacie. I miss her SO much since she lives a good 2 hours away. Reminds me of when we used to live together (minus the "always at each other's throats" part)! On Sunday we celebrated Kacie's birthday at mom and dad's house, and Kacie got to be princess for the day.

Judd got really jealous that Kacie had royalty status, and he didn't. Kacie sacrificed and let him wear the crown for a while. It made him feel manly and powerful (I think it was the light up butterfly that did it for him.)

We got to play with Oakley! And Kacie played with my camera. She is such a ham.

Judd needed some vitavetavegamin...he poops out at parties...

As if anyone is really interested, I got some more cool pictures of hummingbirds this weekend at my parents' house! The first one is my favorite; if you look closely, you can see the hummingbird's beak is open. :)

Anyway, a super fun weekend with Judd and Kacie. They are going to make such a beautiful couple on their impending wedding day! Hope you all have a fabulously blessed week. We love you!


Lori said...

awww, super cute! thanx for letting me know about your blog. i loved the pic of you and the dog! priceless. glad y'all had fun. love you!

Andrew & Audra said...

aw thank you! let me know when you start yours--that way I can keep up with the pictures of the new family member! :)

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