Monday, September 24, 2007

I Can't Come Up With a Title

Can I say it, yet again? The weekends go by too quickly! We didn't have too much to do this weekend besides hang out with each other and visit Senatobia on Sunday to see family and go to church there. Sunday morning we woke up to no power. This meant nasty hair and sticky bodies for church. Gross. Then we got to power. 800 people sitting very close together in an auditorium with no air or lights and two liiiittle doors open at the front for ventilation. Thankfully, 15 minutes before service ended, the power came back on. I ran home to shower. I hate feeling gross. :)

Old Navy is having a great sale this week. They even had 3/4 length sweaters on sale, which is really all you need in the South if you're going layer the outfit with a coat. I got 2 sweaters for less than 10 dollars each and a really cute black jacket for less than 20 dollars. I love a good sale.

Some very kind soul at my work traded me out so that I can have off Christmas day!! Yay! I almost cried when she told me! God had really heard my heart and answered my prayer. I'm so thankful that I'll get to spend time with my family this year and participate in all of our traditions...and not be sleep deprived in the process.

I woke up this morning around 9am extremely sick. I have no idea what I had. The 1 hour virus I think. I was positive I would be in the ER tonight as a patient, receiving fluids and Phenergan and big shots in my butt. Sweet Andrew helped me through it and back into bed where I slept the remainder of my 17 hour hibernation. Yes, 17 hours. I was exhausted. Thankfully I've held down some bread and some drink, but I'm still weak. I'm going to try and tough out work tonight. Why? I have no idea. I haven't taken one sick day since I started and I'll just lose them when the year rolls over. Just label me a work-a-holic.

FYI: have you checked your dryer filter lately? Not to see if the lint is cleaned off, but to see if water runs through it easily? If you use dryer sheets, you're at a much higher risk of having a fire due to your dryer filter. Dryer sheets build up a film on your lint tray which doesn't allow it to filter properly. The test: take out your filter, clean the visible lint off, then try running it under water. The water should run straight though, almost like there's no filter there. If the water puddles in your filter, you need to clean it with soap and water until the water runs straight through. Let the filter dry, and return to your dryer. It's recommended that you test every 6 months. It's a simple step that could save you lots of money!

Well, it's off to the grind again. Gotta go shower and get out the door. Hope you all have a blessed week!


P.S. I apparently don't know the words to "My Favorite Things." I always wondered who in the world tried to put mittens on kittens. They'd scratch you to death. Oh well, I've never been a "rememberer" of lyrics anyway. :)

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