Monday, October 22, 2007

Emptying out the Blog Brain

If you're a blogger addict, do you ever go through your day thinking, "Oh that'd be great to put on my blog," and then sit down later that day and forget everything you had planned on blogging about? This happens to me...almost daily. Early Alzheimer's? Maybe I need those new Nintendo games that work with older folks' memories. Anyway, here are some things I've been saving up in my mind for the last week to blog about:

iGoogle is the newest thing into my world that I'm addicted to. (Aside: I have a terrible habit of proving myself grammatically incorrect by ending 75% of my sentences with a preposition. I know it's not right, but I sound like a goober if I write "to which I am addicted." Back to the story...) Basically, iGoogle sums up everything you could want on your homepage in a simple form with cool interactive themes. For example: my homepage theme is a city skyline, which based on the time of day in my city, changes from a sunrise to midday sun to sunset to a night skyline. With the click of one button, I can see my weather, my google talk, my email, highlights, my to do list, my calender, and even my latest bejeweled game. You can add practically anything you want to your page. It has made getting my important information (yes, Britney Spear's latest train wreck in her life is important, people) so much more streamlined and convenient. Check it out! (They should pay me for advertisement!)
Have you seen the newest Chrysler Town & Country minivan? If vans are still uncool, consider me a huge nerd. These things are like mini tour buses. I want one just to ride in the back seat! Long gone are the days of balancing your juicy hambuger in one hand, fries in the other, and a drink between your legs. No longer will your Wendy's Coke spill into your lap, giving you the "I peed my pants" look. Nope. Now minivans have tables and what looks to be a mini writing desk in the front seat. No more balancing the Uno cards on the seat between you and your sister. You have a table! Not only that: double glove boxes, hidden storage space for a purse, LED reading lights, halo lights, and map lights. Seriously, why did it take people so long to come up with this concept? Seriously cool. I need one of these in say...10 years.

Is anyone else keeping up with Grey's Anatomy? I am really ready to see the conclusion of the whole Callie O'Malley and Izzy Stevens brawl. Who are you rooting for? In a perfect world...Mr. O'Malley apologizes to Mrs. O'Malley. He explains everything. She forgives him. They fix their marriage. Izzy falls back in love with Alex, who will be with Ava next week. That would spice it up some...and later on Izzy can fall back in love with Callie's man. On the flip side...McDreamy and Meredith's little sister (my early Alzheimers just kicked in. Writing a reminder to myself: buy memory game) are going to hook up. I love it. Thoughts from anyone else who watches this twisted, skanky drama?

I really need new black boots. I've had mine for three years now, and they're just about walked out. I was looking for rounded toe, feminine, black, and sleek. I had found the perfect pair online, minus one tiny problem. They're made by Queen Ditz Jessica Simpson. I mean I despise her personality and attitude. But...I loved these shoes more than I despised her. You have to understand- I'm not a huge shoe fanatic. I usually don't spend more than 50 dollars on a pair of boots and no more than 30 bucks on any other pair of shoes...and then I wear them until they're falling apart. (My hubby is a lucky man.) These are a tad more expensive, but they're sooooo cute. I went to Macy's to try them on. The pleather was soooo soft, and they fit perfectly. The comfort level was a 9/10. The only drawback: the 4" needle -sized heel. I'm not exaggerating, either. Well, maybe about the needle part. I really tried to walk around in them, but I know in the first two days in those shoes I would have broken my anke. My chubby feet need something more than a skinny stick to rest upon. Alas, I came home shoeless. Any suggestions on finding some similar (and cheaper!)?
I still have no rehearsal dinner dress. The saleslady at Dillards who insisted I was a size smaller than I was didn't help any either. She continually tried to assure me I could wear a size smaller than I wear now. I told her that three years ago, I could have. She apparently felt like she knew my body better than I did. I was trying on the itsy bitsy thing when she came knocking at my door. "We're waaaaiting!" she said, in a most annoying high pitched voice. I opened the door. "It fits perfectly!" she said. I turned 180 degrees. Her smile turned to a straight line. Whoops. The zipper won't zip half way up my love handles! Thanks for boosting my confidence, Dillards lady. Needless to say, her commision didn't come out of my bank account today.

Bonnie, Anna, and I worked hard on the shower this weekend. I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks away. We still have a good bit of work to do, but I'm super excited for Kacie. I want her to have a blast, and enjoy spending time with her closest friends.

My work schedule stinks this week: Monday, Friday, Saturday. It's my first Saturday to work in 10 months. I guess that's not bad odds. ;) Plus, I get weekend pay. Hope you all have a fabulously blessed week! I'll be "storing up" ideas for my next blog.

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