Friday, November 16, 2007

Listening Paid Off

Yesterday I got out of the bed and dragged my feet onto the cold bathroom tile. I knew the only way to wake up was to turn on the radio. It was Taylor Swift's ultra peppy "Our Song." I wasn't sure I could tolerate that much giddiness so early in the afternoon, but I did. The DJ came on the air and announced they were going to play the Country Karaoke game. I always love listening to people call in for that. They play a snippet of a song and the listeners are supposed to call in and finish the next X number of words without a mistake.

Yesterday it was Tim McGraw's "Where the Green Grass Grows." "I'm gonna live where the green grass grows...." The 10th caller who can call in and sing the next 39 words wins!

What the heck? I know the words by heart, so I call. And call. And call. Busy. What am I thinking? I've GOT to get ready for work. Ring. Oh crap. Did I dial the right number? Yep. "KIX 106. Are you over the age of 18 and have you won anything in the past 30 days?"

"Yes I am, and unfortunately I haven't." I just knew the DJ was going to say, "Well you won't be winning anything today either, caller 9!!" and air it for all of Memphis to hear.

Nope. I was caller 10. I sang the next 39 words correctly and was told I had won the prize. I had absentmindedly called in without even verifying the prize. I really hoped it wasn't a truckload of whiskey or something I would have to decline on air. Nope. It was Eric Church Christmas concert tickets on December 13th. Who is Eric Church again? I don't really care, but someone on Ebay might! ;) So I called the fam to tell them to listen to the radio in the next 2 minutes, and my mom is the only one who heard! Andrew claims it was never on and my dad was late getting to the radio. Mom was proud that I sang on the radio when, as she says, "You won't sing for me if we're in a closed closet where no one can hear you!"

So fun stuff. I finally won something!


Anonymous said...

This, of course, reveals remarkably prodigious digits capable of swift dialing speeds. We knew you were capable of such feats. Congrats.

Andrew & Audra said...

Dr. Herren, there is no doubt in my mind this has to be you because I had to whip out my dictionary to define the word prodigious. lol. Remember, my blog is rated on an elementary level because I speak in such. Please keep your words to 5 letters or less.

By the way, my "remarkably prodigious digits" were swift at pushing the redial button over and over again. lol!

Glad you stopped by. :)

Kelly said...


Hilary said...

How fun! Your luck may be turning...

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