Monday, November 5, 2007

Project Party Weekend: Success

I can't believe it's come and gone! The weekend was a smash hit. All the girls hit it off from the beginning, and had a great time staying up late laughing and talking, eating lots of no-no foods, opening gifts, playing games, and making pottery. I mainly want to share pictures because they say it better than I can!

Aside: On a little bit of a worse note, I got sick on Thursday night at work and had to come home at 1:30am on Friday. That's right. The day of the party I got sick. I'm talking running fever with a terrible headache, sinus pressure, sore throat, ear pain, etc. I dosed myself up on antibiotics I had stashed at the house, Tylenol, and Robitussin (the cough set in later). I felt okay most of the time, but I ended the weekend with absolutely NO voice. I'm voiceless. It's terrible. How in the world am I going to work on Monday with no voice? I think I'll make a standard questionnaire. I'll point to the question. The patient will state the answer. lol. Okay, enough with the aside...

A quick rundown of the intinerary:
1. Friday Night- meet at my house, paint a piece pottery, eat at Joe's Crab Shack, spend the night at the Embassy Suites

2. Saturday Night- Lingerie dinner and shower at my house with games and presents.

(A huge thanks to Anna and Bonnie. Without their combined efforts, this fabulous shin dig would have never gotten off the ground. THANK YOU!)

Welcome to the party! DIY wreath.

Appetizer table, then dessert table. We had food all over the counter with sexy sayings in front of each to label the food (ex: Buttered Bread was "Butter me up, baby." Chip and Dip was "Hot n' Spicy." Too bad we didn't snap a picture!

The cake with the saying Anna made up. Too cute.

The fireplace says "bride to be", there are lingerie pieces hung around the room, wineglass shaped candles lit, and bowls of pink kisses and pink m&ms in bowls.

DIY Martha Stewart pom poms with DIY placecards and holders

Honeymoon pictionary. The best game we played. So much fun!

I asked Judd questions about him and Kacie before the shower. Kacie had to guess what answer Judd picked. A wrong answer meant 2 pieces of gum. 14 pieces of gum later, the game ended!

What's a lingerie shower without toilet paper bride?

Her adorable loot!

Mom stopped by before the guests arrived and left a box for Kacie. It read, "A gift for your honeymoon night. Dry clean only. Low heat." Inside were 3 tiny pieces of string. Hilarious!

My bag with DIY flower and tag

The "list of things Kacie will say on her wedding night." Click the picture and look at everyone's faces. Priceless!

Back (l to r): Holly, Claire, Kacie, Cassie, Anna, & Jessica
Front: Audra, Bonnie, & Leah

She had her first church shower on Sunday from 1pm-3pm. Here are a few pictures from it as well. She got gifts from over 60 people! She'll be writing thank you notes non-stop!

Get ready to break a sweat!

Mom, Kacie, Mrs. Candy (Judd's mom)

Deda & I

Mamaw Jones, Kacie, Mamaw Betty, and Judd's grandmother, Mrs. Turner

Bonnie, Audra, Jessica, Judd, Claire, Anna, & Cassie

The new huge grill from Deda & Glenda. They loved it!

They're looking @ pictures of our cookies from the night before. lol

Deda, Kacie & Glenda

Deda and her "guls"

Mom, Kacie, & Audra. I am so darn short.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. We had a blast!! Can't wait to see all these ladies again at the wedding! Next weekend is another shower in Cleveland. Yay!


Hilary said...

I'm so sorry you were sick, but everything looks super cute!! And it looks like everyone had a WONDERFUL time!!! You did an amazing job. What a lucky sis Kacie is!

Luke & Amanda said...

That shower was adorable! I am having Luke's sister's shower her in January, and will definitely be calling you for help!

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