Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nursery Ideas

Tomorrow is the start of week 10! Yay! I feel better. Still tired a lot, but for the most part the nausea is gone and I have a better appetite.

I got a new OBGYN this morning. Her name is Dr. Harper, and I've heard wonderful things about her. The good news was they do an ultrasound your first visit. The bad news was she didn't have any openings until January 16th! That's another week and 2 days from our previous appt that I canceled. I know a week isn't a long time, but when it means hearing your little one's heartbeat and knowing everything is makes the time creep by!

No news from Kacie and Judd. We just know they made it safely on Sunday. I know they're having a WONDERFUL time! I keep thinking about the beautiful sand and ocean they get to relax around the entire day while we're stuck here with cold winds and rain. At least they'll have a tan for Christmas pictures!

Oakley is hanging in there with me. He was howling at 7:45 this morning from his living room crate. Andrew had let him outside, put him in his crate, and left for work already. So I fumbled in there and dried him off and put him in my bedroom. He did fine after that. Yesterday we ran errands together, and when I would go inside he would sit in the car and howl like crazy. It was so cute. When I got back after 15 minutes, he acted like he'd been alone for hours in the car. He definitely does make you feel loved. :)

I've been frequenting quite frequently and have gotten some nursery ideas. Some of them are way out of my league, but look how cute these are!

Love the chandelier. How practical is it though?

Organized closet...wouldn't stay that way long in my house!

How precious is the tree on the wall?!

I'm gonna see if my dad can build me a book box like this.

Ha! In my richest dreams...

Love the letters :)

This room is so soothing...

Way too artsy for my fumbling hands

A cool way to add height to a room

Love the colors as the theme...


Very diva-esque!

One last picture....the one where we shared with the family our big news as we snapped the picture...

Have a fabulous God blessed week!


Kelly said...

Wow, those are cute nurseries. That is such a fun part of the whole process. Glad you got a new doctor. Bummer you have to wait longer. Hopefully with the holidays the time will go fast.

Hilary said...

okay, I like the first tree option and the artsy room. I love the book holder! Adorable.

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