Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The love of our lives! *Click to make the pictures larger.* Our ultrasound tech apparently was super busy as she barely had time to explain things and the viewing only lasted 2 1/2 minutes. The good things are: we have two arms with hands, two legs with feet, a brain, a set of voluptuous lips (from his mother), and a very active baby overall (from his daddy--neither of them could sit still throughout the ultrasound- ha!). Andrew was so sweet watching the ultrasound though. He was like a kid in a candy store--so excited to see everything. I just wish it had lasted longer!

Next office visit: Valentine's Day. Sex determination day: February 28th! Boy that day can't come quickly enough. We get to look at the heart that day to make sure all four chambers are fully formed, the spine to rule out a major case of spina bifida, and the brain. I'm contemplating whether to get the testing done at the next appt that tests for Down's Syndrome. I mean, if it's positive and we seek further testing and still get a positive, what are we going to do? Get prepared, I guess. The Lord has blessed us with this child and there's nothing that would cause us to get rid of him/her. Any moms out there have this done? What were your thoughts?

Work starts up again tonight *sigh*. That means I need to get in a nap since I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Hope you all have as awesome of a day as Andrew and I had!



Wade said...

Great pictures!

So glad everything went smoothly despite a hurried tech. Speaking of which, do not feel bad about kindly reminding the tech that you are a mother who is seeing (and hearing) your child for the first time and that you would greatly appreciate if she would keep the machine on for a few minutes longer because, quite frankly, it's not your fault that she's running behind!

When Kelly and I went in, I had to ask the tech to turn the heartbeat back on. We had waited a long time since our miscarriage to hear a baby's heartbeat and finally listening to it for only a quick 20 seconds wasn't gonna cut it!

If you want to lay there and stare at your grainy black and white baby then tell the tech to just deal with it!

Keep the updates coming!

The Glenn Gang said...

We were given the option of testing for Down's. We told our OB that we didn't feel the need to do it b/c we were keeping the baby regardless of what any test told us. She encouraged us (as well as her other pts) to do the test for several reasons. She said that babies with Downs often have heart issues. If you realize that ahead of time, she woudn't let you go to 40 weeks and go through a tough labor. Also, she would make sure we delivered the hospital best suited for a baby with any special needs. And, it also allows you to do some research and be better prepared for what is ahead of you. It all made sense so we went ahead with the test.

Andrew & Audra said...

Good point. I may just make the comment the next time we have an ultrasound. I can't help if she's behind...we're not catching up on our time. And way to be assertive at your ultrasound. I'm impressed!

The Glenn Gang-
That's exactly the advice I was looking for. We'll do the test now. Thanks so much for your input!

Luke & Amanda said...

Hey Hot Mama!

I love the baby pics. They are beautiful!! If you ever need to hear the heartbeat at night, come on up and visit us!!

My mom had to get tested for Down's w/Jake b/c she was 35, and I think it stressed her out more than comforted her. The doc really recommended it b/c of us other 3 kids (so she could prepare us), and I just remember her being extremely stressed out about it. And there is always the false neg, false pos, that seems to come with the Down's screening.

I dont know...I havent had to make that decision yet...but I know I will learn from you!!

Let me know if you need anything...lovin the updates!

Kelly said...

How fun! I got all the tests that were available. I knew I would still keep the baby no matter what. But to me, this provides the best possible medical care in case you need to be aware of something ahead of time. And I think it is reassuring as well. One less thing to worry about when the tests come back fine.

Enjoy all of these special moments with that baby in your tummy!

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