Monday, January 14, 2008

Much Needed Long Weekend

Being a nurse definitely has its perks. I worked on Thursday night and don't go back until Wednesday night. Boy did we need this break! Saturday we went by the outlet mall in Tunica and racked up at Old Navy. Their stuff was 75% off!! I got some super long soft t-shirts so that my belly can stay covered (yay!), some baggy sweatpants (even bigger yay!), and a super soft robe (for 6 bucks, nonetheless). Andrew got like 5 shirts. We paid just 50 dollars for all this stuff. I love a good sale.

Speaking of clothes, I need some more that fit. I'm in that "inbetween" stage where maternity clothes are too big and regular clothes are too tight. Only one pair of my jeans even go over my butt now. I have this front tummy pudge that allows for all of my shirts to ride up and show off my stomach at the most inconvenient times. This leaves me in tshirts and sweatpants most of the time, not that I'm complaining. I really think Andrew is ready for me to hit maternity clothes level so I don't always look like I'm in lounging and cleaning attire.

We also traveled to see Kacie and Judd in Cleveland on Saturday. Their house is so adorable. And they just found out their family is about to grow--by 4 paws! They're getting a lab puppy soon so Oakley will have a play partner. :) We shopped downtown Cleveland and went to the cutest baby store, The Pumpkin Patch. I wish I had known what I was having (boy or girl) because I could have seriously gone nuts in there! (Andrew is probably relieved I DIDN'T know.) The only thing I ended up buying was a MS State bib--my first baby related purchase.

Speaking of baby purchases, this sweet little one is barely out of the first trimester and is getting more bombarded with gifts all the time. His Aunt Angela sent him the cutest bib and a swaddling blanket today. Thanks, Aunt Angela! We have a designated baby drawer now, but it's getting full already!

Just a few days left until the ultrasound! We can't wait!

All our love,
Audra & Andrew


Kelly said...

I do remember that in between stage being so frustrating. Hang in there because before you know it, you will be popping out! :) Enjoy your mini-break.

Anonymous said...

Look into the "Bella Band" is supposed to help with that in between stage where you can't wear maternity and you can't quite wear you're old clothes.

The Glenn Gang said...

Thanks for your comment in our chatbox. I spent the morning reading your blog (when I should have been working!!) and look forward to reading about your bundle of joy as the days go by!

Andrew & Audra said...

Kelly--I'm kinda looking forward to the popping out in a way (although at week 39 I'll probably want to be ANYTHING but popped) so I can wear real maternity pants without feeling like a goober! :)
Thanks for the recommendation on the bella band. I found one at Motherhood Maternity and it's wonderful!
Glenn Gang--if you only knew that I read back through your little one's entire blog the other night with my pregnancy insomnia! If you don't mind, I'll be adding you to my list of favorites to visit so I can keep up more easily. Thanks for stopping by!

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