Monday, January 7, 2008

Pregnancy Updates (if you're bored...or pregnant & wanting to compare symptoms)

My "cravings" seem to change every couple of days. Last week it was chocolate and pinto beans. Not together, though. ;)

Before I became pregnant and studied pregnancy in nursing school, I believed what all the nursing books said about a pregnant woman only needing to eat an extra 300 calories a day. At the time, 300 calories sounds like plenty extra.

Clearly, I was thinking from a nonpregnant standpoint. 300 calories? Do you know what the baby making body is going through to produce a human every day?! With only 300 calories?! That's the equivalent of three of those stupid bags of "100 calorie cookie" bags. I'm positive a non-gestating woman with a degree in gum wrapping or a man with no pregnant spouse with the intelligence of an aardvark devised this concept of 300 measly extra calories. I only eat when I'm hungry because when my stomach isn't growling, I simply don't feel like eating. However, when the stomach growls I eat until I feel fairly full. I try not to overdo it because that means that I'll literally be tasting my food 7 hours from the last swallow. Disgusting. So--when my stomach growls it doesn't just grumble. It ROARS! I can best describe the feeling as a "hunger PAIN" that hits suddenly and gets worse within 2-3 minutes if I don't quiet the craving with whatever it is I'm wanting at the moment. They can strike at any unsuspecting time--the car, my sleep, at work--whenever! You have no choice but to stuff your mouth. I'm positive this is going to make me as big as the side of a barn by month 5 at the latest, but what's a girl to do? Lie down in pain while my stomach twists in knots? I think not. 300 calories---shiesh. When your stomach ROARS every 2 hours, you'll THINK denying your cravings since you've topped your calorie limit. Yeah right.

All this extra grazing might account for my pants no longer buttoning without leaving large red creases in my abdomen. I need bigger clothes, but I don't think they make 12 week maternity pants. What I need is a bella band. For now though, the rubber band trick through the button hole is working wonderfully with the empire waisted shirts over the top. I wore a cute knee length cotton dress to church this morning and all the ladies commented on my belly. It was so cool that other people can recognize that I'm pregnant. :)

I've been browsing various other blogs through links on other girls' sites, and I love running into ones with new babies in the family. It makes me so excited to get our little one, even though it seems like it's forever away! Then again, we're 1/3 of the way finished with the pregnancy. I'm afraid time will continue to fly by, and I'll be rushing to finish up all the loose ends at month 9. Is that normal?

It has always been my dream to be able to stay home with my babies while they're little or at least just work 2 days a week. Sometimes I get kind of down since that's not going to be in our cards at the present, but the Lord has granted me with some sort of peace that keeps my spirits lifted the majority of the time. After my initial breakdown of finding out we were expecting and worrying about everything under the sun and praying about it, I can't explain it any other way than to say I've felt a calm peace and a sense of security. Like a gentle arm around my shoulder that says, "Don't worry. Things are going to work out just the way they're supposed to." I don't know how people without faith make it through tough situations and worrying. Prayer and giving up my worries is how I get through almost every day!

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