Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Websites to Check Out

If you've never visited Ethan Powell's site, please take a moment and do so. This sweet boy had a 1.6 million white blood cell count (normal is 5-10 thousand, a little higher for babies) just months after birth. He has survived it, received his dad's blood, and continues to battle leukemia. His family members give brief daily updates on his condition and simply ask for prayers. If you could fit in a prayer for this family in your daily schedule, I know it would mean a lot!

On a lighter note, my sister Kacie (her link is on the right: The Davises) put up a post of her google homepage (I'm thinking I need one of these.) Please check out her amazing house transformation pictures. It went from awful to amazing with all DIY work. I'm so impressed!

Hope you all have a blessed week. Satan has really come at me recently with all different emotional things. I'm sure some of it is pregnancy related, but the stresses seem to be piling up. Work was really rough last week and got me down. Family stuff that's sad. Just lots of different things. Praying for the Lord to lift the weight and bear the burdens...because He cares more than anyone else!


p.s. Heartbeat is still going strong! Ultrasound next Wednesday!


Hilary said...

Oh, Audie-rah...praying for you. I can't wait until you have your first ultrasound next week!!

Kelly said...

I do keep up with the EP website. It's very hard at times. He & Tate were born on the exact same day. I pray for them often.

Hang in there. I hated blaming everything on hormones, but they do make things feel so compounded. Can't wait to read about the ultrasound.

Andrew & Audra said...


I had no idea Tate and Ethan were born on the same day. I would imagine that would be REALLY hard. It probably makes you hug him just a little bit tighter at night. I just cannot imagine going through what they do. His dad spoke at our church not long ago, and my heart just broke for him. But their faith in God and His overall plan is amazing. In the meanwhile, we pray and continue to believe!

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