Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pregnancy Update

I decided to separate the "narrative" from the pictures for some unknown reason. Scroll down for belly pictures.

List of thoughts that are too hard to relate in a paragraph:

-Every expectant parent should buy the book "Baby Bargains." 3 bucks on Amazon is worth the wealth of knowledge relating to what to avoid and what to buy for baby. It's comparable to Consumer Reports in that it rates furniture, strollers, car seats, etc based on safety and quality. We used it while we looked for baby furniture last Sunday. It was well worth 3 bucks.

-What was I thinking when I added in the cost of the bumper pad to our baby bedding? It's a huge SIDS risk. Instead we'll be going with a not-so-fashionable breathable bumper. Safety for arms and legs and lungs all at once. Perfect.

-Not only are bumpers not recommended, but neither are comforters/blankets/quilts or pillows for inside baby's bed (unless blankets they are properly tucked underneath the mattress). I still think we'll purchase a quilt to put on the floor and play with baby on...just maybe at the Pottery Barn outlet in Memphis instead of the pricier ones online.

-I've got to have some zipper sheets. Someone made boocoodles of money off this idea. Maybe I can find a deal on

-THE BIG ULTRASOUND IS TOMORROW!! I'm bugging my family and friends at work by talking about this date so much. It's painstakingly annoying how giddy I get when I talk about tomorrow. Just to think that 24 hours from now I'll be pulling up in the parking one to see my uterine karate kid on screen amazes me. He/she is quite the mover between 1-3 am. I foresee many long nights in our future!

I'll be posting the gender sometime tomorrow! Any guesses on what it will be? My patients all guess "boy" because I'm "carrying low." We shall see!!


Andrew said...

The magic 8 ball told me it was a boy! We all know that the magic 8 ball never lies! :)

The Glenn Gang said...

oooh...i'm going with boy. No real reason why except that is what I have and all I know! Besides, boys love their mommies!

Luke & Amanda said...

I am gonna go with TWINS (haha just kidding..I know youve heard one heartbeat :)

I will go with girl since everyone else has guessed boy....but a sweet little boy would be so much fuN!

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