Monday, March 3, 2008


Kacie & Judd were in town this weekend so we decided to head to Cracker Barrel on Sunday night before they headed out of town. After we sat down and ordered, a lady & man were seated at the table next to us with their beautiful granddaughter who was maybe 5 months old. People, I don't mean she was cute. She was ADORABLY PRECIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. She was laughing, smiling, banging her fists on the table, and chewing on what looked like a dog bone. Basically, she's a pregnant woman's dream....unless the pregnant woman is in a public place. Then she's pretty much your worst nightmare. I could not take my eyes off this adorable child; I began to fear her grandparents thought I might want to swipe her up.

Gorgeous does the inevitable. She looks at me and smiles while she bangs her hands on the table, AND SHE WON'T LOOK AWAY. I try looking the other direction, but I feel her eyes on me! I have to look back. She is so precious she brings tears to my eyes.

My sister notices my misty eyes and SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This ensures my waterworks will continue. Now I'm laughing because I've been caught but I still have tears coming down my face in the middle of this crowded restaurant. Grandma and Grandpa have both noticed I'm crying over their child. The waitress comes with our tray of food while my head is buried in my wet hands. Of course SHE asks why I'm crying. It makes it worse. I have to start fanning myself. I would have made a mad dash to the bathroom but she was standing at my exit. So, in listening view of the entire non-smoking section, she goes to town giving me a lecture on how my boy will be just as cute as that girl. Not to cry because I'm having a boy. I can't talk because my waterworks will start up again. I cannot explain to her WHY I'm crying. So now everyone in the restaurant assumes I don't want my baby boy. Shiesh.

The grandparents take their turn at consoling me by telling me they have a grandson at home who is "just as cute as she is." The wise grandmother then continues to tell me that "This is all just hormones...and it will just get worse." Grand!

The waitress finally leaves and I'm trying to explain to my family that I'm not crying because I don't want a boy. I'm simply crying because the baby is absolutely precious! That's all!

So if you're sitting in a restaurant with a cute baby and you see me, please point your baby the opposite direction so I can't see his/her face. It will save me a load of embarrassment and a waste of mascara.


Wade said...

That's really funny and it reminds me of all the times Kelly would spontaneously burst out in tears when she was pregnant.

I didn't know what to do the first few times it happened because I thought I had done something to make her cry. But instead she would just be crying about a commercial on TV or something like that.

Hey, so long as I wasn't the cause!I just got used to grabbing a box of kleenex for Kelly and just letting her cry it out!

Happy crying!


Hilary said...

oh my! I can totally picture it!

Just some booger said...


Luke & Amanda said...

love it!

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