Friday, March 7, 2008

Shoutouts, Updates, Venting

First of all, a very LARGE shout out to all my faithful readers at my work. You guys are amazing, and it means a lot to me that you care enough about me & my family to follow our lives via our blog. I hear comments from you all the time about how you faithfully check me between your favorite sites or that you caught up with my latest news (It's a Boy!) first thing at work the other night. That means SO much to me personally! A special thanks to: Heather, Dr. Gillespie, Dr. Herren, Shelley, and LeeAnn!

Speaking of my amazing coworkers, I came into work one night this week to a huge array of blue balloons, a DELICIOUS cake, and my favorite foods (macaroni & cheese, cheese dip, and coke). It was so incredible that these people loved me enough to put in all this effort just to celebrate my little boy. They make my job worth it. Thank you guys SOOO much--from the bottom of my heart! Did I mention what the cake said? (Background story: Dr. Tripp Dargie said the baby was going to be named Little Tripp after himself. Dr. Rob Rayer decided it should be named Litle Rob. To satisfy them both, they combined Rob and Tripp to get "Rip." So the cake read: 'Welcome to the World, Rip Laney!' It was priceless, and I think his name will stick at work! ;) Pictures to come soon!

The bedding for the room came in the mail (yay!), and I went and picked out wall colors this morning. I can't wait to paint and show it to you. Kacie came up with an awesome idea based on an inspiration picture from HGTV's Rate My Space. Unfortunately, it's supposed to snow this weekend which will deter me from ventilating the room to paint. So it looks like painting will be postponed for now.

On a very exciting note, we're going to attempt to go and register for our "big items" this weekend. We've been advised by more than one person to steer clear of registering for clothes, bibs, receiving blankets, and bath products. So, instead, we're just going to register for the big stuff (play yard, swing, highchair, travel system, etc). I've been reading my Baby Bargains book religiously. I seriously don't know how I would have made the decision on which product to register for if it weren't for this book. It's amazing!

To completely confuse you and jump to another topic, I must tell you what someone said to me at work last night. She was in the ER with her mother awaiting their ride upstairs (and out of my room) when her mom decided she needed to go to the bathroom at the moment her ride arrived--of course. Her daughter then goes on to say, "I don't know why you nurses don't wear white anymore. I use to work in a hospital, and we HAD to wear uniforms. We looked so profession. You look like you're wearing blue jeans! (I was wearing blue scrub pants--like 5 other people at the nurses' desk). Back in my day, we had the skirt, hose, heels, and pressed striped tops with hats! We looked professional!! (And might I add ridiculous?)." I couldn't believe she had the gall to tell the person who was trying to help her 90-something year old mother to the bathroom that I looked unprofessional and frumpy. I can't say I cried when they headed up to the floor. I'd like to see her wear a white skirt, heels, and hat on some of our nights in the ER. The gall of some people.

Sorry this post is without much of a visual. I need to take a 21 week picture, but I'm gaining quite a bit of weight (yikes!). It probably has something to do with macaroni & cheese, cheese dip, cokes, and eggs. ;) 7 lb. weight gain so far. Official weigh in is Tuesday at my OB appt. Mom says they're going to put me on a diet of carrot sticks. They'll be disappointed to know that's not in my repertoire of the 5 fruits and veggies I actually do eat. ;)

Last note: Lori was supposed to go in to be inducted for a C section to have Abigail this morning at 7:30 because Abigail's abdomen was enlarged too much for a vaginal delivery. No word yet on the outcome. Keep praying for them!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Spend it with the ones you love!


Hilary said...

That is so funny. I love the nickname Rip! Looking forward to the pictures! ttyl

Wade said...

1. I actually find myself being jealous of Dr's and RN's because you get to wear scrubs - which are far more comfortable than a suit and tie.

2. You should have asked that woman if she acted nearly as professionally as she supposedly dressed!

3. Then you should have wheeled her and her mother straight into the janitor's closet!

(It's probably a good thing I'm not a health care professional!)

Shannon said...

I craved mac n cheese with Mallory! I was sure she would come out a nice golden yellow color. She didn't:)

And, seriously. All white uniforms in the ER (or any floor for that matter)??? Whatever.

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