Friday, May 23, 2008

Report, Redbirds, and Reruns!

I visited Dr. Patel, my cardiologist, today and got an excellent report! At this time we're going to continue with rest and hold off on medication. I was so relieved to hear him say that! He said he was very pleased that rest was taking care of the majority of the heart problems, so we're all clear for the time being! Praise the Lord for answered prayers!

A HUGE THANKS TO MY MOM & DAD for giving us free tickets to the Redbirds game tonight! I've been wanting to go to a game all season, so I'm really pumped. I get to be outside, sit, and have fun. A good activity for someone on light exertion!

Anyone seen the new Indiana Jones yet? We're planning on heading out to the movie on Saturday night to see if it lives up to its prequels! Andrew's been dying to see it since they first started advertising it a year ago. I figure since he sits through girly movies with me (See P.S. I Love You from previous post), I can tolerate a little Indie. ;)

Speaking of shows, I've had a LOT more time on my hands to watch television at all hours of the day and night lately. A REAL reality show I'm pretty addicted to now is Jon & Kate Plus 8. Anyone else watch this? I'm still catching up from past seasons' reruns. It fascinates me! Jon is an IT guy (like Andrew) and Kate is a former nurse. They got pregnant with twins, decided to try for one more, and with fertility medications got SIX at one time! So Kate (clean freak, and very "my way or the highway) stays at home now caring for six 4 year olds, and two six (or seven?) year olds. How they both hold it together is amazing! And what is so cool about the show is 1) IT'S CLEAN! 2) Everyone can relate to Jon & Kate's relationship in some way 3) Jon & Kate's interactions are hilarious!


Shannon said...

That is one of the shows that I really miss since we don't have Dish anymore. It was a sad day.

Glad your heart is acting right!

Enjoy all the movies you can before the baby comes! I think we went to a movie almost everyday the week before Mallory was due.

Kelly said...

I LOVE Jon & Kate plus 8! Although it kind of makes me feel like a wimp when I say I had a hard day with just 1. I have NO idea how she stays sane.

Hilary said...

Such good news about your heart.

We saw Indy last night. It was good. I forgot he's cheesy though.

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