Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Been A While

...which means you're in for a lot of reading if you're bored!

We are truly being blessed. I won yet another contest--specifically, the 18 music CD one I posted about previously. The Lord truly showers his blessings! My husband jokingly begged that he wanted to take me to the casino!

In pregnancy related news, THIS CHILD IS HUGE! (I can hear it from all the moms out there: "Just wait, he gets bigger before delivery!") Very comforting. Thank you. It's amazing the shapes into which my abdomen can contort. Oblong. Pointed. He is still breech. His little head is exactly where it was last week! Turn, baby, turn! It's been recommended to me that swimming can help babies turn somehow. If I don't find someone with a pool, I just may be the redneck with a blow up pool in my backyard. Put a fat, white whale in the pool and man--the paparazzi will be swarming to see the crazy lady! I've also heard of lying on an ironing board and having someone lift your feet up with the end of the board. Maybe the heavier head then floats to the top? Who knows! I can totally see myself falling off the board and breaking an arm. Explaining THAT to my friends at the ER would be totally embarrassing. I'd have to go elsewhere and come up with a new story. I digress. But my newsletters really do say these things!

Belly pictures? Why, yes, Heather. I do have them. ;)

33 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks

34 weeks
Weight: 159.5
Total Gain: 30 lbs
How I feel about it: Don't care anymore. Pass me another coke float, please.

I'm making a montage for a scrapbook page, and it's amazing to see the transformation of the belly from week 6 to now!

I had a WONDERFUL shower at our church in Senatobia this past Sunday. To say that my family and these brothers and sisters are overly generous would be an understatement. We got everything. Travel system, bath seat, electronic swing, monitors, clothes, decorations, a play yard, activity mats, and money to go towards the camcorder just to name a handful of items! I spent over 2 hours cutting little plastic tags off clothes and towels last night. His room is PACKED FULL of stuff. Oh how I wish the upstairs were finished at this point! We were really gung-ho about putting all the cool toys together on Sunday night. After we did, we realized we had nowhere to store it set up for the time being, so we took most of it half way apart and put it away for now. It's all still very exciting though!

Kacie & Judd came up for the shower this weekend. I always LOVE seeing them! We all went to mom & dad's house on Saturday night to eat fried fish. Yum! Thank you guys for coming. It meant a lot!

I FINALLY started scrapbooking. Please be gentle with me! It's my first time, and I'm not extremely creative. However, it was a great time filler.

We celebrated my mom's birthday on Sunday! Someone even sneaked in a present from Drew with "I love Grandma" on it without his parents knowing! Sneaky little relatives. ;) Happy Birthday, Mom. We love you sooo much!!

Speaking of Mom, she and I are headed to Gould's Day Spa and Salon this Friday! That massage and pedicure is calling for me! I can't wait--my first to have either! Thanks Andrew and Heather!

Dryer buzzes. Must go hang more adorable, soft baby clothes! This is the only laundry I DON'T mind doing. ;) Have a very blessed day!

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