Wednesday, June 18, 2008

OB Update

Highlights from today:

-NST was perfect
-Mom's heartrate is doing better than it has in MONTHS
-Fingertip-1cm dilated...nothing to write home about...yet!
-Couple of contractions noted during NST
-Baby still seems breech & weighs approximately 7 lbs now!
-Will have another ultrasound 2 weeks from today to determine size and position of baby. If he's still breech, we'll schedule a C-Section. Yikes! TURN, DREW! We'll also see how big he is and decide where we go from there.
-OB says she'll induce me at week 39 if he's not here yet
-OB says my prostaglandin levels are increasing which means we're getting ready for labor--yay!

Oh, and I gained 5 lbs in a week. Guess I won't cook anymore brownies this week!

We took a hospital tour yesterday which made it so real! My friend Amy who was 2 weeks ahead of me was in there with her precious little baby! (It made me realize how little time I have to finish these thank you notes! Volunteers to help? I didn't think so. ;)) I have to thank all the old University nurses who now work at Germantown b/c when Rosiland the tour guide found out I knew these ladies, she was giving us the special treatment! Thanks Beth & LeeAnn!

Belly pics are coming!! I gotta get unlazy and stick my SD card in the slot. Boy that sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it? I need motivation to get up and get busy. You would think 5 lbs. added to my rear end in one week would do it. Shiesh.

Thanks to everyone who checks in on us so often and prays for us! Your prayers are effective! Andrew is doing great. He's SO excited and has been so supportive. He's cooking dinner as I type. :) The baby bag and hospital bag are packed and waiting with the car seat...just waiting on little man to decide when he'll make his arrival. Please continue praying for us. We appreciate it!

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