Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Drew slept on Andrew while I scrapped last night.

Not quite what I was going for. Oh well!


Lori said...

very cute. great job!

The Glenn Gang said...

Love the scrapbook pages! I did great the first year and scrapped most everything up to his 6 month birthday. I haven't done a thing since. OOPS!

Did I ever tell you Drew was born on my daddy's birthday? My dad died when I was 10 weeks pregnant with Jonah. He knew about him but never got to meet him. So, every time I see something with Drew's birthday, it makes me think of my daddy.

Tennessee Happenings said...

I like your pages. I need to do some scrapping myself. Josh sometimes has meetings at Amro Music in Memphis. Maybe the next time he has one we can get together!

Hilary said...

good job. I am so impressed!

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