Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thorn in my Side!

Today Oprah's show was on pet peeves. It was so great to hear about things that peeve different people including airline employees and waiters! It gave a different perspective and taught me a thing or two! For example, did you know that you're supposed to ask for the check at the restaurant? I had no idea; in fact, I thought asking was considered rude! Guess I learned a thing or two! In honor of her pet peeve day, I thought I'd post my top pet peeves. What are yours? Leave a comment!

1. Talking during a movie. I paid $9 to see this film. So shut up!
2. Talking on the cell phone while hogging the aisle with your buggy at wal-mart. Shop & move!
3. Grammatical errors such as: "If I was...", "I could care less" and ""irregardless"
4. Rudeness to people who serve you (including nurses!)
5. When you've been waiting in the back of Checkout Lane 5 for 20 minutes and Lane 4 suddenly opens up. Lane 4's checker calls out that she'll take the next customer. The woman who had been waiting less than 30 seconds jets over there in front of you like she was actually next. Argh!
6. Complaining about your food (after you've cleaned the plate) at O'Charley's just so it'll be free. We've seen this happen so many times that we don't go back there anymore! It makes me too mad to eat! That reminds me- I was going to write them an email about that! (Addendum: I wrote them.)

Okay, add to my list!

1 comment:

Lori said...

-repetitive noises
-people being late- UGH!!!
-bad drivers: not using turn signal, etc
-girls showing cleavage or other slutty attire
-bad grammar!

I could give you a list a mile long.

Was o'Charley's the place where I got free food? lol.

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