Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Booty Scoot Boogie?

I always lay Drew on his activity mat in the morning while I eat, check emails, etc for the day. We've done this since he was 2 weeks old without incident. He's only a few feet from me, but I can't see him because of the couch. He was continually laughing and playing after the music automatically turned off this morning. Since he was still happy, I continued to get things checked off my "internet to do list." Well, when I walked over there, this is what I found.

He was, apparently, very proud of himself! I guess he just scooted his little booty all over the mat until he got to the carpet. Smart little fella. ;) Must take after his mommy. ha ha!

I'm enjoying motherhood more and more every day. I'm loving that he can watch me & follow me across a room with his eyes, recognize my voice, and actually pick up things he wants. We're on the brink of belly laughs! Loooove those!


Wade said...

That last picture is my favorite! What a great smile he has! To me, fatherhood reached a whole new level once Tate started to get excited every time I came home from work - it's now the highlight of my day!

Happy Turkey Day!

Lori said...

His smiles steal my heart!!

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Thanks Wade. Yeah, Andrew's favorite thing is when Drew laughs when he plays with him.

And he steals my heart, too. :)

Thank you!

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