Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Dr. Herren has a Harry Potter bag that he brings to work. (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

2. I can always think of random things about myself until it's time to write down random things about myself.

3. I can clean and reassemble a breast pump faster than an army guard could assemble his gun.

4. If you have a cough, put Vicks Vapor rub on the bottom of your feet with socks over them. It will stop the cough! This is especially useful when you're pregnant and very limited on what you can take. That's experience speaking, if you didn't catch that.

5. I love challenging myself to see if I can read Spanish signs in the hospital. I'm still pretty good!

6. My hair is falling out this week. I thought nothing of it until I was watching "The Doctors" on television the other day and they talked about this very subject and how it can mean you're unhealthy or have a tumor. Greaaat. I'm chalking it up to hormones.

7. One thing I look forward to when I quit breastfeeding: I can whiten my teeth!

8. I'm already listening to Christmas music on "The River." Sorry, Wade!

9. The other night I had a dream I was beautifully tan. Then I woke up and realized the closest I'll ever get to that is peeling skin from a burn.

10. My child is awake...again.


Kelly said...

Is the Vicks thing for real? My MIL swears by that stuff, but I've never really understood the big deal.

And the hair thing is totally hormones...just hope it doesn't turn 1/2 curly & 1/2 straight like mine...weird!

Wade said...

"I'm already listening to Christmas music on "The River." Sorry, Wade!"

It's alright. I already knew I was alone in my principles.

But don't come crying to me if you get snowed in on Thanksgiving because you've been singing 'Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow' for 2 weeks straight!!

Shannon said...

I've heard about the Vicks thing on kiddos too (not sure what age). I'll have to remember that next time I or the girls have a cold.

Funny, random story. The other night I was at our girl's sunday school get-together and one of my friends said, "I read your friend Audra's blog...." It cracked me up. Ah, the blogging world. So strange and so fun at the same time!

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