Monday, December 22, 2008

Growing Boy

I am so behind in blogging! I decided that even though I'm exhausted tonight, I had to take the opportunity to write out Drew's updates while he's asleep & before I forget them. This will probably be one of those blogs that only really interest the people who truly ADORE Drew!

Last Thursday (his 5 month, 1 week, 3 day birthday) Drew starting cutting his first tooth--bottom & center. He was gnawing away at my finger when I felt something sharp in his mouth. At first I thought he had a foreign object in there...then I realized it was only foreign to me! The next day, he started cutting through the second one. And through all this, he hasn't run fever, been fussy, or any of the usual (let's get real) annoying symptoms. He's just chewing away on everything he gets his little slobbery hands on. So you have been forewarned; unless you want to draw back a nub, keep your fingers out of his mouth! Any advice on breastfeeding a baby with teeth? Besides stopping?

Last Friday he said his first sound besides sighing and cooing. He actually added in a consonant. "Nona" was the word he said, but he later informed he he was trying to say mama, not "nana" referring to a banana like I thought. My genius child. ;) He blabbers quite a bit now, and I love listening for new "words." (Yes, I know he didn't really say or mean mama!)

As if saying "mama" wasn't enough, Drew stood up without the help of human hands--only a leapfrog table! He was standing (with my help) playing on the table when I noticed I wasn't doing any work. I slowly removed my hands and realized he was standing on his own with just his little palms on the table for support. I wish I would have had my camera for the first time standing with help, but I was too concerned about him falling over!

On a totally random note, does someone wanna make a lot of money? Figure out a way to trim a child's fingernails without a pair of nail clippers. I would invest a great deal in a set of whatever you come up with. My face, neck, hands, and arms would really appreciate it as the clippers are so difficult to use!

On sleep issues...I hate to type this in fear we will take a step back, but...Drew is sleeping a little better during the day. He sleeps in his own crib for approximately 45 minutes 3 times a day. What a change! We are still working on night sleeping and weaning from eating at night. However, the night eating really isn't bothering me much anymore. I'm used to it and enjoy our time together, snuggled up.

Something has happened in the last 2 weeks or so that has caused me to fall more deeply in love with this child than I thought I could fall. I guess it's because he has SO much more of a personality now. I can't put my finger on it. But I just want to take him in. I want to sleep so close next to his beautiful, round face and breathe in the air he exhales. I stare at those tiny chubby hands and feet and try not to think about how they'll be so big in a year. I want to kiss his cheeks and not stop. I want to squeeze him when he lays his head on my shoulder until we both just pop. I cannot get enough of him. It's impossible to take it all in at once. His smiles. His beautiful belly laugh. The way he rubs his hand on my face and hair when he nurses. I just wanna take a mental picture and store it forever because the moments are passing me by far too quickly. I have been so fixated on him growing too quickly lately, and I just think of all the things he's going to get into as a toddler, then a child, and then a teenager. And yesterday as he was stroking my hair while he ate, I prayed that the same hands rubbing my hair now would be there to continue rubbing my hair when I'm dying of old age. I looked at his hands and prayed for God to protect them. Reminds me of the book "Love You Forever." Ah, tears!!

My beautiful, growing boy. You are my JOY!


Hilary said...

How precious. I can't wait to see him!

Lori said...

Yea for Drew getting bigger.

About the nursing issue: they really shouldn't bite much. Abby has only bit me maybe 4 times, and yes, it does hurt. You literally scream. I started teaching her the word "no" during these occasions. Once, I even popped her out of reflex when she did it twice in a row.

The LL said they do it near the end of nursing when there's not much left-- like they're trying to get more or they're bored. So, just notice his cues for when you need to take him off.

Kacie said...

Now I know what Deda cried over!

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