Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Pictures, Installment 502

Here is the disclaimer I should add to all of my picture sessions with multiple shots taken in one outfit:

"Unless the reading party personally knows the subject, Drew, all the following photographs will appear identical to you. However, to those of us who see the subject every day, and kiss the ground the subject walks on, we enjoy seeing a picture of each breath he takes. Therefore, I will continue to post pictures which look almost identical. You have been forewarned."

Please note that the feet of this sleeper were this worn after 2 hours of wear due to excessive feet movement! He is constantly rubbing those feet together, sucking his feet, bouncing, and "walking" on everything!

Caught mid sneeze!

And just b/c I can't stand it, here is a particular reader doing a handstand in my living room at 12:15 am. Afterwards, she flipped 56 times in the floor to beat her competitor. He flipped once. She won by a landslide...and payed dearly the next day! I want to post the video, but then I might not live to see Christmas...or maybe even the next hour.

Ahhhh!!! Haaaa!!! I'm dead meat!


Kacie said...


Hilary said...

uh, oh. that's great! love the pics of Drew too! Y'all are going to have such a fun Christmas!!

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