Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy 6 Months, Drew!

6 Months. Seriously? How is my little baby half a year old? In the past month he's gone from a little baby to a big baby in terms of all he's learned to do. My sweet boy is growing up and developing such a personality of his own. We definitely see bits of his temper and stubbornness, but 99% of the time he is so happy and active!

Things he's doing: rolling over like crazy! I can't get his diaper changed without rolling him back over at least twice. He started sitting up on his own at 5 months, 3 weeks. Sometimes he's still kind of wobbly, but he's getting better every day! He pulls himself up if he's sitting and we hold his fingers. I'm amazed at how strong he is! He loves to stand at his leap frog table and balance himself with his hands. I want to get a picture, but I'm too scared he'll fall and bust his mouth while I'm snapping away! He's *trying* to crawl. He lays on his tummy and pushes up with his arms then gets on his tippy toes. It only lasts for a second, then he crashes to the floor. It's so cute. I noticed today he got his legs underneath him pretty well and started rocking. Not long until this kid will be mobile!

He has two little teeth on the bottom center. He's still drooling EVERYWHERE and chewing on EVERYTHING so we have more coming soon! The other day he said, "mamama" but not in reference to me, of course. Still--does that count as his first word? The only other thing he's said is "nanana" once or twice.

Likes: standing, sitting on his own, bouncing, the jumperoo, the activity mat, the colors red & bright green, ceiling fans & light fixtures, banging on the keyboard while mommy blogs, Brad Paisley, sitting in his high chair, his monkey, playing "boo," "In the Jungle," "My Girl," "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes," flying with his daddy, taking baths (especially with daddy), nursing (of course), kisses, and being naked!

Dislikes: getting dressed, sleeping in his own crib, sitting still too long, teething, & taking naps

We go to the doctor on Tuesday for those awful shots and stats. I'm guessing he's between 19-20 lbs. We'll see if I'm right!

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