Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Drooling All Over My Keyboard

I've been looking for the perfect curtains to brighten up my "not so decorated" bedroom for a while. I knew what I wanted in my mind, but I'd never seen it in person...until tonight.

I happened upon a blog with a picture of my dream curtain, but it wasn't listed as to where she bought it. So I searched and searched and searched some more. Right as I was on the brink of giving up...

Lo and behold! I found it!

In all of it's $69.00 Pottery Barn glory.

Wait. Did I say $69? And I need TWO? Oh and did I mention it's actually a shower curtain that I'd need to make into a curtain? I'm okay with that, but Andrew said I have to sell something to buy it. So...

Head on over to ebay where the bidding for an awesome husband starts at just $138 + shipping! (J/k honey. You're worth at least $200!)


The Glenn Gang said...


Is it raining at your house? I think I'm driving through Memphis in order to avoid the rain.

Audra said...

Not raining right now, but extremely foggy!

Shannon said...

I absolutely LOVE that shower curtain and periodically check their site to see if it's on clearance. The colors are so pretty!! What a bummer. Maybe you can find some fabric somewhere that looks like it???

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