Sunday, March 1, 2009


The other night when I got into work it was MAYHEM. I'd heard the helicopter had just recently taken a pt to LeBonhuer, a brain tumor had been discovered, and they were bagging a 1 year old rolling through the door on an ambulance (who ended up okay, by the way). The halls were filled with patients and the noise level was the equivalent of the mall the day after Thanksgiving.

You get my drift? CRAZY.

This patient of mine who I hadn't even had the pleasure of meeting yet was meandering around the hall almost standing on her tiptoes, peering around at who knows what.

"Ma'am, can I help you?"

"Yeah. That doctor said she was gon' let me go home but I hafta sign some discharge papers."

"Yes ma'am. The doctor has to type them into the computer. As soon as she has them done, I'll bring them into you so you can get home. I know you've been here a long time."

"Yeah. And y'all ain't even done nothin' for me. My thumb pad is STILL numb after 7 hours here. I mean, I don't think I can go to work tomorrow with my thumb like this! I could be DYING with my thumb like this and y'all don't even care."

*My head tilts down, eyes look upward, and my mouth falls open slightly. I caught the drool before it hit the floor.*

She didn't think she could work the next day because her thumb pad was numb?! Come on!! We've got providers somehow walking around seeing patients and throwing up inbetween assessments!

I bet her sick days are up by the end of March.

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