Wednesday, April 22, 2009

9 Month Pedi Visit

Well, my little boy got raving reviews today at his 9 month pedi visit. Dr. Phillips said he was at the 12 month level on just about everything and that he'd never seen a 9 month old who could purse his lips into a kissy face! To say I was a proud mama was an understatement! It's all those kissy faces I make at him ALL day long. Andrew seriously makes fun of me for kissing him so much. I can't help it!


20 lbs, 4 oz. (less than I expected!) 50%-75%
29" long (grown 8" since birth) 75%

My little one is growing up!


Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

lol kissy lips. He gets it natural!

Audra said...

for sure! now I wonder if he'll be able to imitate the platypus?

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