Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy 9 Months, Drew!

(A couple days late...better than never!)

Look how far we've come! It seems it was just yesterday you were capable of little more than opening your eyes, crying, and filling diapers! Now....well, just, wow. Sometimes you change so much in a week, or even a day. New little pieces of your personality pop out all the time. You have your mother's (and your Papaw's) stubbornness- and probably impatience too. You let out the funniest long, deep (for you) groan when something isn't coming fast enough. At times you close your mouth and attempt to "yell" and I feel as though you're hollering at me! You're learning the meaning of "no" fairly well, and I'm very pleased. I know you think half the items in our house are called "no no," and to you, they are!

I am so thankful you're finally loving baby food- that is, as long as it doesn't contain sweet peas. This means less time nursing, so we really have to soak in the bonding time when you do nurse. So many people tell me I have to start weaning you, but don't you worry--it will happen in its own time. I can totally send you some in your kindergarten lunch box. Um, just kidding. ;) But that's what I want to tell people who ask, "How much longer are you gonna breastfeed that kid?!" You'd think other people would have things more concerning to them than my child's eating habits! Pressing on...

I've gotten to be a pro at taking you out. I remember at 6 months old I wouldn't go out of the house with you unless it was life or death. After all, I had to take half the house with me- diaper bag, stroller, car seat, toys, hotsling, blanket, etc. Now we just get the diaper bag and the shopping cart cover, and we're off! I still haven't attempted taking you to the grocery store--and I don't think I want to. Your attention span isn't quite that long (there's a gene from your dad!).

Now that you're crawling everywhere at lightning speed and standing on your own momentarily, we have daily encounters of falling which leave you with lots of bumps and bruises. All part of being a baby. In writing only this post, you've pulled over computer speakers onto your head and fallen into the coffee table. Guess we need to expand some more on the meaning of "no no." just ran into the door frame. So make that 3 instances of bumps & bruises. :)

Likes: independence, going to new places, pulling up on everything, attempting to stand alone, balls that make noise when rolling, bathtime, pulling up on mommy's legs, being tickled, funny noises, family members coming to visit, cords of any sort, banging on the keyboard, being thrown in the air, strawberries on your tummy, crawling on or under anything, being asked if you're a pig, things falling off your head, eating books, singing, dancing (or bouncing while you cute), your fishing pole from the bath set, playing with your feet, pulling all the chairs away from the table, chewing on absolutely anything, aunt kacie's dog-oakley

"When's the last time you changed the oil in this thing?!"

Dislikes: confinement, naps, getting dressed, wearing shoes

His 9 month appointment is in a little over a week. Better late than never, right? No shots this time--yay! When I told Drew that he was so excited. He pretty much drooled everywhere. Wait. He does that anyway.

"Check out my new top teeth! They make for a great grinding noise when combined with the bottom two teeth! It drives my mom nuts!"

Oops. Mac & cheese just got spit up everywhere. Mommy duty calls!


Erin said...

Drew is so cute! I loved his Easter outfit too! Don't worry about the breastfeeding thing... my mom fed me till I was 18 mo. old, and I think I turned out ok. =) You're a great mom. You will know when the time is right!

Hilary said...

He is getting so big! btw...don't worry about what others say about breastfeeding; I plan on bfing Juliet exclusive for a year. it's your baby and just let him do what he wants. of course if you start getting towards school age, I might say something ;)

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