Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just a Day at the Park

I am a person who likes to stay inside my comfort zone, but Kacie really enjoys pushing me out of it. I've always been kinda nervous to take Drew to the park. I have no clue why. New atmosphere. New people. (I'm an introvert by nature.) A kid could throw a rock at Drew or he could have a massive poopy diaper as I'm putting him in the swing only to find I would have no diaper or wipes...and I'd lock the keys in the truck. I'm also a bit on the paranoid side sometimes. ;)

So I, with my big girl panties, Drew with his big boy shoes, and Kacie with her awesome camera headed out to the park...with an extra diaper and wipe just in case.

For the first 2 minutes he was NOT a fan. Mean old mommy made him continue to swing, and he actually liked it! Now, he wasn't squealing with delight. On the contrary, a new side of Drew came out, and I nearly had to use his diaper on myself when I saw it: he was falling asleep in the swing. Yes. Newsflash. MY CHILD WAS FALLING ASLEEP in something besides my arms or the carseat. Literally, drool was running out of his mouth and his head fell to the side. Shock and awe, I tell you.

After the swings, we strolled around the park for a while...

but Kacie was complaining it was too hot (as if she had a REASON)...(drip...sarcasm...drip...)

so we headed back home to cool down. (Totally kidding, Kacie. I love you and appreciate you pushing me to my limits!)

Drew can't wait to go back to the park with Daddy next week!

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