Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To Tell or Not to Tell

My last post stating I was no longer telling any of you if you had broccoli in your teeth got me to thinking: 1) What factors do you take into consideration in telling someone if something about them is "off?"

Say...if she is walking out of the bathroom with a long strand of toilet paper. Does it depend on where it is? If it's hanging out of her pants? If it's attached to her shoe? If you know her or not? What makes you decide to tell or not to tell?

If someone has something terrible in his teeth? Or a large, green nose friend?

2) What's something you've noticed before about yourself you couldn't believe no one told you about??

My answer: I tell if I'm not laughing too hard. I know that sounds mean, but I get so tickled I can't get the words out. One time in Steak n' Shake, I went to the restroom and saw a woman on the way out with a massive line of toilet paper a mile long stuck to her shoe. I wanted to tell her. Truly I did. But the tears through laughter got in the way. One time I tried to kindly tell a friend she had B.O. I couldn't quit laughing long enough to get it out "out of love." Well, she got it eventually got the message, but it didn't come out as smoothly as planned.

You should have told me: I had my pants on inside out at work. And they had been "home hemmed" for length and it was totally obvious...7 hours into my shift. Another time I had one of those huge stickers that runs down Gap jeans all the way down my right thigh with the size and "ankle length" written on it. I'd been out in public for hours before I noticed!


Lori said...

I would totally tell you if you did something embarrassing! I would tell any of my friends-- or someone I know well. I don't think I could tell a total stranger, though.

Jonathan was eating lunch yesterday w/ a potential client that goes to our church (we don't know him well, and he's in his 60+). Anyway, Jonathan said the man spilled chili on his lapel. Jonathan didn't say anything. But of course, Jonathan would've said something had it have been me.

Also, I don't normally tell people in front of other people. So, that can be awkward, to say, "Um, could you come here [away from these people] so I can tell you something."

Ben and Audrey said...

i've totally walked around with the sticker on my jeans before! so embarrassing!!! i would hope someone would tell me if i have something in my teeth. my hubby usually does! i tell people, sometimes, if they have something funky going on! but sometimes it's so funny, like you said!

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