Monday, May 25, 2009

ILYLAS (anyone know what this means?)

This past weekend I hosted a girls' slumber party for the teenage girls at our church. I'd been teaching their Wednesday night class this quarter, and a good ole fashioned slumber party seemed just the way to end the quarter and begin summer with a bang! We had a blast! But thank goodness my sister was in town or I probably couldn't have made it!

I'm SO thankful to have a sister. When the Lord gave my parents a surprise baby girl soon after I was born, he knew just what he was doing! We are the best of friends, and we both know we're extremely blessed to be able to spend as much time together as we do. We both, however, agree that if we ever had to live together again, we'd kill each other. You know those old widows who move in with their sisters when they get old? I don't think that could be us. We'd have to live next door or maybe be neighbors in the assisted living facility. If not, one of us just might poison the other's morning, coke. Cause Kacie declares I must somehow be related to Satan in that I like it so "hot" in my house. Oh, and her two food groups are cookies and pizza. Yeah, we couldn't live together forever (thank you God for husbands!), but we sure do enjoy our short times together! We laugh, shop, laugh, and laugh some more. I cannot wait until next time!


Kacie said...

Pizza and cookies should have their own food group.

I love you! I had so much fun this weekend.

ILYLAS - I love you like a sister!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful birthday. It was the best yet!!!!

Lori T said...

I love ya like a sis.

Audra- you look soooooo ridiculously skinny! What have you done??

Audra said...

Kacie--in your book, they do.

Mom-Glad you did! Love you!

Lori-You've made my YEAR! It must just be the angle of the picture or that outfit cause I've done nothing new except chase this little boy all over the place! Love you!

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