Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting up with the Greshams

It had been WAY too long (mostly on our part!) since we had seen Justin & Hilary Gresham. The last time our families visited was over a year ago when I had a baby shower. Since then we, of course, have had Drew, and the Greshams have had Juliet. They were in Tupelo visiting Justin's family, so we loaded Drew into the truck, fully prepared to be left with busted eardrums a few hours later, and headed out! Drew did miraculously well there and back! I'm happy to report zero tears thanks to about 15 minutes of "Old McDonald Had a Farm" on the way back.

Our time with them was so much fun, as always; however, it was also too short! Our families decided we needed an annual get-together. We've talked about apple picking in October since we had such a blast with Hilary's parents a few years back. We shall see!

Juliet is SUCH a cutie! Hilary had her dressed in these adorable outfits with her jewelry on. Drew seemed to be quite smitten with her, and even tried to hold her front of her dad! Bold move, dude! Drew asked for Juliet's digits, but per Juliet's Daddy, "She ain't no holler back girl."


Kacie said...

I love the pictures!! And may I also add, you are a nerd.

The Glenn Gang said...

Don't you love it when your past meets your present? It is so fun to get together with old friends who also have little ones now. I pray that Jonah is always blessed to have at least one true, authenic friend.

Andrew said...

Kacie- I don't deny this! :)

Nicki-Yes! A true, authentic friend is hard to come by, but treasured over all the others!

Hilary said...

Ah...It was so wonderful to see y'all. I agree, as always, too short. Drew is precious. It will be so fun when he and Juliet can really play together. Wish we were next door! Love you bunches.

Alison said...

How wonderful!

Alison said...
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