Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Attack of the Ivy

"Leper!!!!" they cry. And the crowds immediately part like the Red Sea. And there I am. Standing all the middle of Target.

Okay, so it's not quite that bad. But it hasn't been fun.

The last week of my life has consisted of caladryl, cortisone creams, pouring salt in my wounds (yes, you read correctly), popping blisters with needles, wearing gauze to bed, wearing long sleeves in the dead of summer, and taking Clorox baths. Oh and being stared at in public. And drive thrus.

You guessed it. I have poison ivy- and I'm not the only one. My dear Andrew has it as well. We cleaned out his mom's backyard of fallen trees LAST Sunday, and apparently, rolled in poison ivy while we were out there. He got it on Tuesday. I got it on Wednesday. He got a shot. I did not. And I'm glad now because he's no better off than I am!

The leper-like rash was clearing up some around last Saturday. Sunday I broke out in brand spanking new spots. GRAND! I got to start all over with this beautiful healing process. I have no idea where it's coming from now. Apparently, the oil from the plant (which is what causes the allergic reaction) can get on anything and live there for....well, indefinitely.

I've washed bedsheets, towels, and clothes twice just to make sure they are not the source. Andrew scrubbed the truck seats. I'm now Lysoling everything down. If this doesn't work, we may move and sell all our belongings. Or maybe just leave our stuff in the house and sell "as is." Requirement of buyer: immunity to poison ivy/oak/summac.

If you'd like to submit an offer, just leave it in the comments section. I'll get back to you after the morning's Clorox bath.


Wade said...

I wish I had some magic potion for you guys!

Unfortunately all I can offer is my sympathy!

Hang in there!

Tracy said...

What about your shoes??? My son has gotten it and the dr said you really gotta either wash them shoe babies or just get rid of them! How awful for you...

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