Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy Schmeasy Dinner

Edit: In my original blogging of this post, I incorrectly called an apostrophe a common. Oh the embarrassment! I beg your forgiveness. I could not simply leave it there or not call myself out. I am ashamed!

If it takes more than 30 minutes of work to make a meal (minus cooking time), it won't be made in my kitchen. My mother dislikes cooking. My sister dislikes cooking. And frankly, I'm not a big fan either. I try to keep a good attitude about it by reading helpful websites, meal planning, and the like, but what is especially helpful? Finding easy, quick things to make. Now THAT makes me happy!

A few weeks ago I found a $2.00 off coupon in the Sunday flyer for Hormel meat. I headed to my local Kroger to see if this meat was $15.00 a package--cause why else would they give out a TWO DOLLAR coupon? Well, it was like $6.00 for two pieces of all you mathematically challenged folks take your time subtracting. I'll wait.......

Yes. $4.00 pkg/$2.00 serving. Hey, I'll try it!

Y'all (please note the apostrophe in the correct location here--pet peeve!) was good! I mean, I would expect a little better if I were at some fancy schmancy restaurant, you know where you don't throw peanuts on the floor, but for $2.00/serving it was tasty!

And you know what the best thing about it was? Easy cooking, easy clean up. See...Look...

It comes in a package like this, and there are other things besides pork you can choose from.

They're wrapped in bacon and vacuum sealed.

Here's the hard part. Pay attention....Pull the plastic off. That was it. Are you still with me?

Preheat the oven to 425* and pop it in for 35 minutes.

Start easy schmeasy side dishes. Give your kid a bath. Sweep your floor. Start you laundry. Talk to your husband. Get a back massage. What? No one gives you a back massage at night? Hmph. Me either.

Voila! 35 minutes later, you've got easy schmeasy dinner on your hands. I would also like to not be decitful and say that I DID eat (at least) 2 crescent rolls (with butter) and another large serving of green beans & potatoes.

There. Easy schmeasy dinner. Oh yeah? My other favorite part? Just throw the pan in the trash. Clean up's done! No scrubbing and washing of pans.

You have no excuse now. Get thee to the Hormel section--pronto!


Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda said...

Okay, so I deleted my previous comment because there was a typo in it (can't stand that!). What I said was that I know why you and I have become such good blog friends...we both have great taste. We have matching dishes! That's my pattern, too. :)

Ben and Audrey said...

i'll definitely have to try this one out! thanks for passing it along!!! i have a few really yummy & quick recipes. i'll post them on my blog soon!

Audra said...

@Amanda--If blogger would make a stupid edit button we wouldn't have that problem! ;) Clearly, we both have great taste--classic, clean lines. Love them! They actually weren't my registry dishes. I got 2 other every day sets at my wedding but one of them chipped with every touch and the others got so hot from 10 sec in the microwave I couldn't touch them! I should have gone with mikasa to begin with. :)

@Audrey--I'll be looking for you easy schmeasy recipes!

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