Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Video

I hate uploading videos to blogger. Hear that, blogger? It takes too long! So instead of uploading this video to its respective post, I'm doing it in its own. It saves me time, even though you may not understand how.

Oh, and it leaves me smelling unfunky. Why? Cause I can take a 20 minute long shower while it uploads. And when I get out, it probably STILL won't be finished.

Anyway....here goes nuthin'!

(1 hour later....and NOT on dial up!)------------


Hilary said...

that first little bit...Andrew!

Ben and Audrey said...

he is seriously adorable!!!

Lori T said...

Oh my goodness: his eyes are gorgeous!!! So BIG and blue. Love them. Also, I noticed you said, "Scat cat." My MIL says, "Scat Rat." I had never heard either one of those sayings. Interesting.

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