Friday, June 26, 2009

Tour of Homes: Master Bedroom

I guess I've been living under a rock in blogworld because I just discovered Kelly's Korner. She's hosting a carnival of home tours, and this week is Master Bedrooms. Well, this is one of 3 incomplete rooms in our house (meaning, I'm not yet satisfied), but I'm gonna participate because you might could give me some advice to solve my problemo.

I know there's too much brown in here. Brown walls, brown curtains, brown picture frames, brown blanket. We used to have a yellowish/tan color for the walls, so the brown was okay then. I'm dying to find some curtains with a large bold print like this:

...but without the price tag.

Either that or new bedding. I'm even considering jumping on the blue/brown train, but throwing green and white in there. I love large modern floral prints or large paisley prints. Know where I can find it? By all means, COMMENT.

Oh, and FYI: I actually had to make my bed for this post. I went to all that trouble for you.

Terrible picture of the nook from the den to the MB. Purpose of said nook: to make it nearly impossible to move anything larger than a human inbetween the space without scarring the walls. Namely, furniture, mattresses, and boxsprings. You know, everything needed in a MBR. Note to self: no nook in next house.

Pan-0-ramic view

Love the ceilings. The blanket on our bed turned out greyish, but it's actually brown.

My problem wall: I have no idea what on earth to put here. This is where you come in. COMMENT.

Andrew's nightstand. Confession: I cleaned off his stuff and stuck that candle there. He'd be mortified if I made it look like he had put a candle on his nightstand.

Some people really hate matchy-matchy. I'm not one of them. I want everything in a MBR to be the same, balanced. So this is my matching nightstand, complete with water bottle for middle of the night thirst quences, a phone charger, and a really long stand-outish electrical cord. I made Andrew's side look decent. I left mine.

Some little guy came into our world approximately 11 months and 2 weeks ago, leaving our office stuff without a home. It moved from our bedroom to the dining room and now, back to the bedroom. And here it will stay until...well, until our house multiplies itself.

Some say ceiling fans are eyesores. I say if you live in hot & humid MS, it's called a necessity.

So, there you have it. The brown bedroom! I welcome your suggestions!


Anonymous said...

I have always found great deals on curtains at They have tons. I know you mentioned the print, but have you considered a cream or off white? I think that would look great in your room as well!

Audra said...

Jae: Thanks for the recommendation! I'll check there again! A cream or off white would work if my duvet weren't stark white. I'd have to go with white curtains or a print. I may just need to scrap everything and start over! I voted to repaint the room--hubby vetoed!

blessedmomto7 said...

I like a "matchy" room too! That's not weird just orderly :) I like your room but LOVE those curtains you found-would be cool to coordinate with those! Your room is very pretty!

Melissa Stover said...

i love that print. i think you'll find something eventually that will give it that punch of color!

Becky said...

Your bedroom looks great...I don't really know fabric stores, but I do love
I love Amy Butler exp though! :(

Kate Starr said...

Audra-your room looks so soothing with the cream & wood tones! For the curtains, (saw this on Shabby Nest blog) purchase canvas drop clothes @ Lowes (around $10 each, they are BIG). Hang with curtain clips from Walmart on your current rod. They would look rustic, but light. Found this sheet set @ Company Store(love this place), they would really pop in your room:

This tour is too much fun!

Ben and Audrey said...

hey girl. i love your bed, the matching furniture & the pics of drew above your bed. super cute. i have an idea for that blank wall. you could do a picture wall in sepia. you could do all different size pictures of ya'll. or you could get a large letter "L" from hobby lobby & find a big frame (that's empty, you just need the border) and you could frame the "L". i've seen it done & i really like it. or you could get one of those wall decals that clings to the wall. they make them with bible verses or cute sayings. here is a link to one website that does it: its called uppercase living. i also have a link to it on my blog. i've surfed around there a few times. i'm sure they aren't the only ones who do that sort of thing!!! or you could do different size shelves with pictures & knick knacks! hope this helps with some ideas!! let me know if you pick one!!

Audra said...

Oh Audrey! I love those ideas!!!! Thanks a million!

Leslie G said...

I also love a matchy room. We have this great "matching" gigantic bedroom set- Unfortunately our master bedroom is 10x13, so if you have both of the nightstands on the side of the bed, the closet doors don't open, which is sort of a problem. I LOVE you ceilings, and frankly, I think your bedroom is perfect! I'm not sure what I envision on that little wall space. For a pop of color, I've seen sheet sets at C&B that are bold, floral and paisley!

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