Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas in July Questions

69 degrees? In Mississippi? In July?

What a rare occasion! We should celebrate! I'll hit the Christmas music!

No? You're not in the spirit? Oh. Sorry.

This weather + Hobby Lobby's Christmas decor being out for a MONTH + reading old blogs with Christmas tours = an Audra who is ready for Christmas 2009!

In honor of my ridiculous mood, a few Christmas questions for you...

1. Where did you buy your tree? Are you happy with it? We're desperately in need of a new one this year, but I'm not looking to spend $300 on one. So if yours is $300, please include that in your comment so I don't go see it, get my hopes up, and then have them come crashing down when I see the price tag.

2. What are you looking forward to at Christmastime this year? Last year, Christmas was kinda crazy at our house with a 5 month old, so I'm looking forward to a more relaxed, easy going Christmas in 2009. I'm always looking forward to Black Friday (can we say 3am shopping? YES)! And of course we get to do Christmas this year with Drew! Andrew and I are excited to play Santa!

3. What new Christmas decor item is on your list for this year? Where are you gonna head to buy it? Besides a new tree, I want monogrammed stockings for our family of three. Oh...and I don't wanna pay an arm and a leg for them, so Ballard's and PB are out! Maybe buy them at Target and get them monogrammed??

Merry Christmas in July!


The Washington Family said...

I would love to get a new tree this year also. Last year we got two little trees from walmart or fred's I think. they were all different sizes and shapes. and I arranged them in groups. I will try to find a picture of it.
2. What are you looking forward to at Christmastime this year? It will be Breanna's first christmas and our first none pregnant christmas in this house. I would love to do some yard decorations and really decorate like crazy.

3. What new Christmas decor item is on your list for this year? Where are you gonna head to buy it? I want to get something for my yard and get a fresh family decorated wreath for the door. I plan to get most of my item from my mother's house. Maybe the week of thanksgiving we can all get together to come up with who does what with what?

Kacie said...

1. We got our tree at our "Christmas Wedding Shower" so I'm not much help in that department. When we get a bigger house, we'll be looking for a larger, fuller tree to go in the living room.

2. Well, obviously, we'll be a family of 3 instead of 2 so having Caroline's 1st Christmas will be fun. I wish she was going to be older to actually know what's going on - but then again - I certainly don't want to rush her tiny stage. :) And, as always, I'm looking forward to the 3am shopping with YOU..even though it might be a little different this year.

3. I want monogrammed stockings this year, too. And hopefully a new wreath for the front door. Other than that, we'll have the same decorations as last year!

Lori T said...

We got our Xmas tree at Big Lots after Xmas was over one year; it was 75% off! Yea! And it's pre-lit. I think it was $30 on sale?

My MIL got our stockings (monogrammed) at Land's End (I think!).

Ben and Audrey said...

1. we got our tree from target last year. its 7.5 feet tall & i believe it cost us between $75-$100. not bad at all. its tall & not skinny, but not short & fat. make sense?! we actually like it better than the short 6.5 ft one we had that looked really stumpy. i'll try to find a picture of it & send you the link.

2. i'm looking forward to jack being 14 months old. he'll be walking & just so much fun. last year he was only 8 weeks old, so it was tough!

3. i'm actually looking into buying a christmas shower curtain. i found one online for 50% off. its vintage looking. i want to decorate my entire guest bath with christmas decor this year. i think it would be fun! we bought monogrammed stockings last year. i got them for $15-$20 each on and they didn't even charge me extra for the monogrammed. they looked cross stitched. that's the kind both ben & i had growing up & we just like the timeless look of them! i can't wait to find out what this baby is so i can order one for him/her!

merry christmas in july!!!

annabclark said...

Hey Audra,
1. Dan and I got our Christmas tree at Wal-Mart several years ago. It is 7 feet tall and cost $75. We like it, but it is by no means an expensive looking tree. It is pre-lit, which is very nice. It looks a bit lost in our new house (with tall ceilings) but I'm not quite ready to purchase a new one yet.

2. I am so excited about Christmas this year. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. This will be our first Christmas with Jackson. He will be 9 months old then! I am trying to think of all the traditions we can start with him. Any ideas?

3. I bought Jackson a monogrammed stocking last year from Pottery Barn (after Christmas it only cost me $12). Dan and I do not have monogrammed ones--but some cute ones from Mimi's on Main. My Mom bought some from Target and had Laura Legge do the monogramming. Very Cute. I think they ended up being about $20 each. I really want to focus on finding a really cute "baby's first christmas" ornament and maybe doing some Christmas themed painted pottery with Jackson's handprints, or something like that.

Wade said...

I reserve the right not to read this blog post until AFTER Thanksgiving!!!!!

Don't me put you on notice, Laney!

Audra said...

@ Wade--I specifically wanted your opinion on your Christmas stockings. lol. Guess I'll have to wait til Black Friday!

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