Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy 1 Year, Drew!

Dear Baby Boy,

It's here. Some days dragged. Some weeks dragged. But my, how this year has flown! This time one year ago, we had no idea what lay in store for us. I was so excited, so ready to experience this uncharted territory of my life. I vividly remember lying on that operating table with Daddy at my head, waiting to hear it-the most beautiful sound to a mother's ears. Oh it was beautiful. That sweet, sweet cry. You were finally REAL. Touchable. Audible. I was straining to see your face. I had imagined it for 9 long months. You were absolutely perfect. One year ago we saw God through you. Such innocence. Such perfection.

One year ago today. I can still remember the back pain!

SO ready to meet you!

This probably grosses 99% of you out, but I love it!

Finally a family of three!

My, what uncharted territory we had to face! But, oh, it has all been worth it. Your life makes my purpose clear. The world seems to be running short on God fearing men; I guess I'm a small part of that solution! You are the brightest part of our day, and the reason we make the decisions we do. You make us less selfish people. You make us look at your environment and constantly question if it is beneficial to you. I worry sometimes at all the garbage that comes our way--through television, radio, or even in the grocery store! I want to protect your little mind and keep it pure. I want you to keep your innocence for as long as possible.

You, my sweet Drew, are my greatest blessing. You are growing up far too quickly. Please, please stay little for a while longer. Your smiles and laugh are worth far more than gold! Your hugs, your kisses, the way you lay your head on our shoulders, the way you lay limp in our arms when you fall asleep. The way you squint your nose and smile. You are nothing but pure joy in our lives.

To simply say "we love you" seems oh-so inadequate. It's more than that. So much more. The English language doesn't encompass that feeling we have for you. I guess you will understand one day when you hold you own little one. But for now, stay little for me. Keep me on my toes. Allow me to tear up as I look at you when you sleep at night, not being able to believe how I feel about someone I've known only a year. Keep making my heart flip when you look at me and grin across the room. Just for a while longer....stay little.

At 12 months:

You like: eating, trying new foods, orange juice, water, playing outside, "mowing" the grass, wrestling with Daddy, pulling things around the house (garbage cans, laundry baskets, your horse), climbing on Mommy's back, being chased, balloons, seeing family members, bathtime, bouncing, dancing, running, chewing Daddy's belt, balls, putting things together, taking things apart, figuring out new toys and how they work

(Pulling the horse around)

You dislike: (See, I was gonna write "naps," but he's gotten so much better that, for the first time, I'm not gonna write it. Let's hope it doesn't come back to haunt me!) Confinement: at diaper changes, in carseats, or in store carts. This child likes to be on the GO!


Your mouth: 8 teeth now! You love to eat just about anything! You've gotten so good at chewing. You're taking a sippy cup without problems, love to drink out of a regular cup, and can use a straw really well! You learned how to blow a whistle on 7/5/09. I'm getting ready to regain my body! That's right, we're going to start gradually weaning soon. It's so bittersweet. :(

You can say: e-i-e-i, ahhhh (when you drink), mmmm (when you eat), ah oh, mama, dada, daddy (first time on 7/6), roar (when asked what the lion says), and you sniff with your nose (when asked what your nose does or if you're stinky). You also speak in Drewese. I would love to know what you're saying as you babble on continuously!
Your nose: When we say, "What does your nose do?" you squinch your nose and breathe in and out quickly. You love doing that!

"Doing the sniffy nose. Love. It."
Your hands: You can wave bye bye, give five, blow a kiss (with the back of your hand) and clap. Your fine motor skills are progressing. Your pincer grasp is excellent and you love to feed yourself from your high chair.

Your ears: You know what "no no" means, but you don't always choose to obey. ;) You love listening to music and dancing/bouncing along. You have a LONG list of favorite songs! Any song with your name in it is always a shoe-in!

Sleep: My, how far we've come in this area! You go down for the night around 8:00 and sleep until 7:30-8:00am. You take 1-2 naps a day. Sometimes you sleep 45 minutes, sometimes 2 hours! I think you're trying to phase out your morning nap, much to my dismay!

What a long way from one year ago. Your list of accomplishements was: eat, pee, poop, and sleep...all frequently!

Happy Birthday, Angel! I pray you have many more healthy, happy years ahead of you! We love you deeper than the ocean!

Mommy & Daddy

P.S. I'm working on his one year video slideshow. It'll probably be around 10 minutes long, so that means: 1) It'll be for the avid Drew lover (aka probably family) and 2) it'll take FOREVER AND A YEAR to upload.


Lori T said...

-I'm anxious to see his slideshow.
-He looks like Andrew in the pic w/ his nose scrunched up.
-You don't know how blessed you are that he eats well! I would give almost anything for Abigail to be a good eater. So, seriously, be grateful for that!
-He's such a cutie!

The Glenn Gang said...

Oh, sweet boy! You have lots of adoring fans that you have never met. I've loved watching you grow and celebrating milestones with you over this last year. I pray you come to know Jesus at an early age and live your life serving Him.

Kacie said...

I love this little boy! I sometimes wonder if I'll be able to love my own child as much as I love him. ;) Being an aunt is one of the best jobs in the world, I've decided. You'll see soon, Audra!

I love the pictures (old and new!) and especially love that he's not terrified of the horse anymore. We love you so much, Drew!

Judd & Kacie

Amanda said...

Drew, I have loved watching you grow up over this past year. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things God is going to do in your sweet little life! You are such a ray of sunshine in so many lives. Enjoy this wonderful day! :)

Ben and Audrey said...

this was so super sweet. it made my eyes all watery!!! being a mom truly is the greatest blessing of a lifetime. you made me feel so excited and bittersweet about jack turning one in just a few short months. so excited for you, drew & andrew. praise the Lord for sweet little boys!! happy birthday drew! i can only imagine how sweet you are!

Leslie G said...

Yay! He is just adorable. Our one year mark will be here before we know it! And that "gross" picture- I have the exact same one! =)

Shannon said...

Happy birthday, Drew! It goes by fast, doesn't it??!! Sweet post. Drew sounds like a fun little boy to be around!

Hilary said...

This year has flown by! I cannot believe he is a year old.

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