Monday, July 27, 2009

Running Into Toddlerhood

There is no denying it. We are in the toddler stage. To me, the toddler stage really starts defining itself when you have to clean up twice as much and handle temper fits. Yes. We are there.

Drew's favorite new activity at any meal is to attempt to see how many pieces he can crumble his solid food into with one hand. A lot. His other mealtime trick is swiping his hands across his tray as fast as possible, watching the baby goldfish soar through the air and onto the tile, the living room carpet--wherever.

Thank you God for dustbusters.

Let's not forget every 1 year old's favorite game, "Let's see how many times I can throw this cup onto the floor!"

Thank you God for paper towels.

Oh, and the temper tantrums. We're talking balled up fists and red faced and screaming. Oh, the screaming. I think his temper tantrums are more on the level of a 2 year old. The advice we've been given is to sternly tell him, "We don't act like that," and then ignore him. My mind cannot ignore that shrill scream. Nay, my eardrums can't!

How long does the toddler stage last again?


The Washington Family said...

it took me awhile to walk away but if you do it once he will remember.

Hamlett Daily Dose said...

Ugh, sounds all too familiar. Hang in there! The book 1-2-3 Magic has been my BFF for the terrible twos :)

Audra said...

@Hamlett--I might be looking into that book! thanks for the rec.

Hilary said...

Whew! Like you said, praise God for the good things ;)

Audra said...

@Hil--YES! But even with the new stuff, it's still my favorite stage!

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