Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleeping Issues

Do you remember all the sleep issues we had for the first...I don't know....9 months of Drew's life?
  • Peeing through the diaper only at naptime/bedtime
  • Waking up after 30 min of nap
  • Waking up after 40 min of nap
  • Waking in the middle of the night
  • Wanting only to be held while he slept
Well, for those of you with a child such as mine, know this: THERE IS HOPE! This week has been a little crazy at our house napwise, but Drew pretty much takes an hour and a half nap once or twice a day. I think he's trying to cut out that morning nap, but I'm fighting him for it! I'm just not ready for afternoon showers...or midnight showers. My next day hair looks like a grease ball if I shower before bed. It was suggested to me by a few that that's what ponytails are for! Touche!

So how did we finally get to the nap instead of the catnap? It just happened on its own--no tears, no fighting! One morning he just slept past the 30 min mark, past the 40 min mark, and when he got to the hour mark I was worried sick; I had to go in and make sure he was still breathing! Since that day his naps are so much better!

I don't think Drew will ever be one of those lucky children who falls asleep over their toyboxes or in their highchairs, but I'm happy with a long nap!

So to those in the "bad sleeping child" situation, hang in there! One day it will just magically get better!

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Amanda said...

Thank you for providing a glimmer of hope for me :)

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