Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caroline Got Rained On

So the grand shower was today, and went off with just a few glitches in the preparation process. (Let's just say on the way to the shower, I tapped the breaks and the fruit tray went sliding...into the floor. The lid came off and the truck floor got a good taste of the fruit. When I opened the door to clean it up, the pavement got a taste too. Fun times!) Good thing I work well under stress!

People were so generous with their giving, and Kacie and Judd have no idea what they're going to do with all the awesome stuff they got!

Sign in book, picture of Caroline, and advice bowl

The diaper cake

Part of the spread....YUM!

Look at all the stuff they got! And that's not all! The bigger stuff was in the other room, and the travel system was given to them earlier in the day. I'd say they made out well! (So glad I don't have to write these thank you notes! LOL)

Kacie & Bonnie, another shower hostess.

Sweet Megan drove 2 hours to attend the shower and even helped out! Such a sweetie! Any patient will be blessed to call her their nurse!

Kacie made Judd try on the "shower hat!"

Mom, Kacie, Judd, & Dad

Kacie and Anna, yet another hostess!

Baby clothesline

Signing mat for well wishes

The proud Mommy-to-be!

Sweet Leah & her mother drove 5 hours to attend the shower! It was great seeing them again. Claire showed up looking adorable as always!

Such a fun time! A huge thanks to all my family and the other people who helped make the shower possible. What an awesome celebration of this new life!


Hilary said...

Looked beautiful! Kacie is a lucky gal! I cannot wait to see Miss Caroline!

Karen said...

What a beautiful shower!!! The diaper cake looked so good, you should be proud of yourself!


Kacie said...

The shower was wonderful! Caroline is very blessed to have so many people love her so much! I can't thank you enough for your hard work!

aLena said...

What a gorgeous shower, and absolutely love the diaper cake!

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