Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy 13 Months, Drew!

Another month! No more baby. ALL toddler!

What you're up to these days: Finally saying "mama" at times, saying "ti-guh, ti-guh" for tickle-tickle, cutting a bottom left molar (almost through, praise God!), eating well again, drinking solely out of a sippy (bye bye, bottles!), bringing us books when you want us to read them, bringing us toys when you want them turned on, pitching a fit when you don't get your way, climbing the stairs, running!

Likes: Outside! You've started crying when you have to come in--another sign that toddlerhood has arrived! Family members--I think because they give you whatever you want and constantly hold you! Running free anywhere. Drinking anything out of anyone else's glass. Eating. Riding in your wagon or your car. Racing to Daddy when he gets home. Reading books (Brown Bear is your favorite). Squeezing into tight places. Climbing. Moving furniture (especially chairs!--you rearrange the dining room and kitchen daily). Playing peekaboo. Playing chase. Playing in the bathtub with Daddy!

Dislikes: You STILL aren't crazy about taking a nap, but you're so much better about going down on your own. You'll fuss for 2-3 minutes usually, but then you fall asleep. Every now and then I lay you down wide awake after we rock for a few minutes, and you go straight to sleep. Not even a peep! I NEVER thought that day would come! When you're really sleepy, you don't wanna be put in your car seat. Nighttime=crib time for you! You really prefer not to wear socks and is best! You're still not a fan of long car rides. (Speaking of that, we have a 2 hour trip this weekend...not looking forward to the drive!) You hate coming inside from outside. You're getting better about being left in the nursery (only cry for 10-15 seconds), but you're happier with mommy & daddy!) You HATE the stroller and the shopping cart, much to my dismay. Although, that's probably been good for our bank account!

I would never choose to go back to life without you! You MAKE mine and Daddy's lives! It's so hard to discipline you at times when you need it because you look at me and smile or laugh...or do something cute at that moment. You have my heart, little boy!


Lori T said...

Abigail's favorite book is Brown Bear, too!

Shannon said...

Drew is a cutie, but this comment has nothing to do with him:)

I saw your dilemma about wall art and immediately thought of my burlap wall...

In one of our first apartments, there was an ugly wall-papered wall in our dining room. It was the perfect wall, no moldings, no windows, no doorways. I bought a bunch of burlap fabric and cut it into one foot by 10 foot strips. Using a staple gun, I made columns and rows of burlap, weaving them as I stapled behind the fabric. It was inexepensive and made the wall pop. I hung a huge black mirror right in the middle. I absolutely loved it and will do it again whenever I have the "perfect" wall!

Just an idea:)

Hilary said...

What is it about Brown Bear? It's a super book!

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