Thursday, August 27, 2009


Patience. When I prayed for it, I had Drew- not that Drew is especially trying of one's patience. So, I guess that means I was just lacking in that department. As Drew ventures into toddlerhood, I really have no choice except to gain patience. I often find him unraveling toilet paper, playing in the toilet water, eating a prized coupon, throwing a temper tantrum while I'm getting food ready or trying to get into the bag of Cheetos an hour before dinner. *Deep breath....*

Patience building times! I'm just glad he hasn't figured out how to use markers yet!

God says that one of the fruits of the spirit (meaning something we must exhibit if Christ lives in us) is patience. Patience with our children, our spouses, our friends, our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...and even God. Learning to be patient in God's timing can be so difficult, but we MUST remember that His timing is best since He can see the bigger picture.

I write this post now to myself more than anything else! Hope you have a blessed day today, full of patience!!

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Amy said...

:-) I think children are God's way of teaching us patience. My mother likes to say that I have the patience of Job, but I think it is due to all of the younger brothers and sisters I took care of growing up! I have a hard time getting upset with Jessica for very long at all because every time something happens I think about how cute my baby brother used to be when he was 3. Now he is a big 15....where did the time go? Where are those sweet baby cheeks and bear hugs? Sigh.

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