Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wall Dressings

I hate wall decor. I hate picking it; there are too many things to consider. You've got: color, size, weight, what do I hang it with? Will it leave a big hole in the wall? Am I gonna have to puddy over it and paint when we move? Is it gonna cover the light switch panel placed in the middle of the wall?

Oh. You don't have that last problem? Well, some crazy man who probably doesn't have one picture on a wall in his home did our electrical work and didn't think twice about putting our light switches in the middle of the walls. That's on my list of things to watch for in our next house...years down the road. (That and wider hallways. And lower ceiling bathrooms. And...)I digress...

We've lived in this house 2 1/2 years, and I've yet to hang much on these walls. I did manage to get a clock up (which never got "sprung forward" so I think I'll just wait til November so I don't have to "fall back"), a star, and a few various things from Hobby Lobby, etc. But I still have plenty of bare walls to fill.

I've seen lots of people who come up with nifty, easy DIY art ideas. Framing cool scrapbook paper in frames which were once ugly and then restored to something beautiful. Doing stuff with their kids pictures, handprints, etc. A huge collage of pictures. That's what I need to do I guess: art on a budget!

Got any more ideas? I'm all ears.


Amy said...

Hmmmm....wall hangings... Most of the wall hangings in our house either someone gave us, I bought as a souvenir from a trip, family photos, or a puzzle we put together that I framed. I just group them in rooms by theme, so I guess I never really had to think about it. I did see a really cute idea though. Megan Braswell took an old window frame (the kind with 4 panes) and used it to frame pictures of her kids. Quite cute! I would also like to make a big family tree with a tree background. I saw one at someones house once, and it looked really neat. I am just not sure how to do it myself so that it would look nice.

JobandBrittany said...

I love doing chalk board paint over old mirrors. You can paint it directly over the mirror and paint the frame a cute color. I've re done several yard sale ones. I also like to decorate with huge clocks, old windows, & shutters. I've got examples of most of this on my blog. I even have old empty vintage frames hanging on the walls. I just can't afford 400 dollar paintings.

Hilary said...

I like to go to flea markets! I got a great old painting for like $10. Leigh does the same. Also, I think the idea of painting canvas in either color blocks or maybe one with lines on it would be cool. And you could totally do it yourself!

Kacie said...

I think we need to make a trip to Goodwill and see if we can find some stuff to spray paint and make it look prettier. :) I've been wanting to go anyway!

Karen said...

I always seem to gravitate towards iron wall hangings, I don't why that is. Kirklands always has some great wall decor and so does Home goods. That is typically where I find mine. Black and white family photos in matted square frames are always cute too. Good luck!!!!

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