Friday, September 25, 2009

Pictures & More Video--Installment 502

I'm playing catch up for all those photos and videos of my child I've slacking on posting. To the're welcome. ;)

"Hello? Isn't it supposed to ring?"

He loves his mommy!!

I guess we're kinda redneck cause we let our kid run around in a diaper. Oh well! He's happier this way!


Hamlett Daily Dose said...

Such an adorable guy and such a cute family!! I can't decide who Drew looks like...hmm. I can definitely see both mom & dad in him :)

Amanda said...

I guess we're redneck, too, then! That's Eli's favorite way to play :) Cute pictures!

Hilary said...

Those are so cute! btw...I have that shirt too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love for Aiden to run around in a diaper....however, he pulls them off as soon as I put them on! Clothes are required so I am not cleaning up pee and poo all day!!! amy v

Leslie G said...

So cute!! I'm assuming you don't let your child run loose barefoot, and only in a diaper in an airport, though. Cause I totally saw that last week- true story.

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