Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 15 Months, Drew!

15 Months. And what a fun 15 months it has been! People never warned me of all the "fun" that comes at this point! Your personality is shining through more and more each week. You love to laugh and are almost always happy. However, this last week or so has brought out those terrible temper tantrums that have left us wondering if we would make it until bedtime!

No doubt about it: you are looking more and more like your daddy! You have his colored hair from when he was a little boy. Someone actually told us the other day that "he's too cute to be a boy!" which is the same comment Daddy got as a baby.

You understand so much more than you did last month! You make connections really well with music. For example, if I sing the song your zoo toy makes, you will run to the other room and get the zoo toy. If I sing the song your fridge farm makes, you'll go get it! You looooove to sing and dance. When we ride in the wagon (you finally sit down in there!), you just sing and talk to yourself. It's adorable! I only wish I knew what you were saying. No matter, I guess. It's obvious that you're happy & at this stage, that's all I care about! You sing e-i-e-i-o constantly. Yes, you finally added that "o" on the end! Your favorite song is one which I have no idea what the name is, but I was told you sing it all the time in nursery school and the teachers even figured out the tune. When I say you love to sing, I mean you love to sing! You get that from your mama. That'll be a good stress reliever later in life. ;)

You know what a dog and cat are and attempt to say it, but only mommy & daddy can understand it). You sign "all done" when you're finished eating (or just ready to get down and play) and it's so cute. You still sign "more" but not always at the appropriate time! You understand the words: cat, dog, ball, train, zoo, shoes, outside, "come on," no, scary face, down, bite, drink, bath, shhh, bye bye, nose, hair, and tongue.

Your newest obsessions are the broom, dust buster, and vacuum. You LOVE to help with those. And my walls are proof. ;) You even try to help dust with your own cloth. Is this a sign for the futre? Please say yes!!! We're already planning on telling Santa you want a kid sized vacuum and broom for Christmas!

Physically, you can now run (and do it often!) and even walk backwards! You also put your head flat on the ground and your bottom in the air so we'll push you over for a flip.

Your facial expressions! Oh they can melt me! When I tell you "no," you kinda hang your head down and give me these big puppy dog eyes and shake your head. I've laughed on more than one occasion. You make the funniest "scary" face when I prompt you. I've got to get it on camera. Your Granna & Papaw just ate that up tonight! You can show us where your hair is, what your nose does, and where your tongue is. We're working on ears right now, but you get that very confused with hair. Speaking of hair, you love playing with other people's!! You think it's funny to cover my face with my hair and then uncover it to find me making a silly face.

Eating troubles requires its own BOOK, much less post or paragraph. We'll just say you're VERY picky. What you like at one minute, you spit out the next. Most days, you live on goldfish, chocolate milk (your favorite in the morning), bread, and yogurt puffs.

What you WILL put in your mouth is anything that feels good on your poor gums. Your first molar finally broke through a little over a week ago. I see 2 others with white spots under the gums, so they should be peeking through any day now. One of your favorite items to chew is the oven mitt.

You would LIVE outside if we let you. If the words "shoes" is mentioned, you race to find a pair! (And while speaking of shoes, you're in a size 6/7 shoe!!) You're constantly standing at the door, reaching for the handle on your tip toes. I dread the day you are actually able to REACH the handle! You love your lawn mower, push car, and wagon. As long as we let you stay outside, there are very few complaints from you.

You are MISCHEVIOUS, little boy! Into EV-ER-Y-THING! You pull things off any surface, dump over laundry and trash cans, play in the toilets, play in cabinets, stick your hands through the space b/t the lock and the cabinet, turn on the bathtub water alone, climb up on your toys to get to the top of your crib, climb up people's stomachs....get the picture? ENERGETIC!!

You love to climb up Daddy to get to the ceiling fan pulls. You are absolutely giddy over pulls!!

Climbing to your destination.

Looks like Daddy got the bad end of that deal...

A lot of times your bursts of energy and curiosity get you in trouble and I spat your hand. Not hard. Let me tell you how much it usually look at me and smile when I spat your hand. ;) Today you purposely turned your sippy cup upside down and mashed the spout on your tray to make all the milk come out (a new, annoying, favorite trick....*groan*). I looked at you and said, "Nooooo, noooo." You spatted your own hand and smiled while you shook your head. LOL. It was pretty darn cute! Some things that get you in trouble:

Opening the over drawer and climbing on the stove to unlock the oven door. You're too smart for your own good.

Climbing in the fireplace. This is a common occurrence.

While you're learning rights and wrongs, I'm learning how to have patience. What was I thinking last month when I thought I had acquired patience? I had no idea! Temper tantrums take it to a new level. I'm trying to not focus on housework so much while you're awake. While I encourage you to play indepdently, if it means I have to listen to you scream all day cause you want my constant attention, I just give it to you. It makes both of us happier and more sane! When things get really rough, we head outside! It's a "fix all."

What a fun month!!! This upcoming month, we'll be making our first long trip, your first trip to a pumpkin patch, and dresses as pirates for Halloween! Life with you couldn't be any better!!!

We love you sweet, boy!

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Amanda said...

Just went back to read this to compare our two boys....WOW! They are so similar!! Drew's a much better sleeper than Eli, but the eating is so frustrating for us, too! Eli is obsessed with the broom and Swiffer right now and I just recently found him climbing on my stove EXACTLY how Drew is in your pic. WOW! Imagine what these two would do together!

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