Sunday, November 29, 2009

Zoo Visit

We visited the Memphis zoo on Saturday and had a grand time. Drew was an absolute angel thanks to his Step 2 car. He abhors riding in the stroller, so we usually have to end up carrying him. Obviously that leaves us tired! Well, we got smart and cashed in on his love for anything with a wheel and took his car. He sat in the car like an angel, hardly making a peep! They just opened the new Teton Trek, and it was beautiful! Oh and did I mention it was a perfect 68 degrees with a slight breeze?

Awesome day! We're looking forward to returning for Zoo Lights in a couple of weeks! Oh, and the car will definitely be going back with us for that trip!

(Just a random picture where Drew's smile melted me!)


annabclark said...

Oh, the zoo! So much fun.

Dan and I are taking Jackson to Zoo lights this year. Can't wait!

The Dutsons said...

Genius! Wish I would have thought of that.:)I'm gonna try out the car out our next trip!

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