Friday, December 11, 2009

Udder Cover Deal Alert!

Need a gift for a soon to be mom? Breastfeeding and need a gift for yourself? Think you might wanna breastfeed your future children?

This is a steal of a deal!

Udder Covers is offering you a $32 discount!

You pay just $8.95 (shipping) for an adorable nursing cover when you use the coupon code "christmas" at checkout. They accept paypal, so if you already have an account set up, it takes less than 5 minutes to browse the fabrics, enter your info, and check out!

If you are ordering one, which fabric design did you pick? I chose "Jones," and my sister chose Carson! A big thanks to Kacie for the heads up on this deal!

*You can use this code as many times as you like for separate orders! Ex: if you want 2, just do 2 transactions for only 8.95/each!*

1 comment:

Amanda said...

What a great deal! Thanks!

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