Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Guys and a Doll (and their moms!)

In 2005, I started nursing at the University of TN in Memphis and met two of the most incredible women. We survived nursing school, graduated, got married (well, they did!), and vowed to meet up every year in December. In 2007, I announced my pregnancy. In 2008 Erin & Amanda announced their pregnancies. We met up this past Monday and let our babies all meet for the first time. What fun to have come full circles with these amazing ladies!

Erin & Cole, 6 months old

The happiest little dude ever! His smile is ultra contagious! Cole is going to be incredibly smart- like "Valedictorian smart." With parents who have brains like his do, there's no doubt he's gonna be at the top of his class!

Amanda & Kate, 10 months

Is she not seriously a DOLL? Andrew even said, "I just want to pinch her cheeks!" when he saw this picture. Kate has a future as President of her class, Most Beautiful, & Homecoming Queen. Look out, boys!

What used to be a group of 3 is now a group of 6! We had the best time sharing stories and advice on breastfeeding, spit up, milestones, etc. A conversation only moms would appreciate...

I had fun, girls! Let's plan for this December (at the latest!) as our next meet-up. Who wants to make the next big announcement?! ;)

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